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Bus Interiors AEC Routemaster RM1 SLT56 Lego t

Bus Interiors AEC Routemaster RM1 SLT56 Lego t


AEC Routemaster (London Double-decker Bus)

RM1 at Chiswick

Upstairs on a Routemaster bus.

RM1 at the London Transport Museum Depot in 2018; this vehicle was originally built with a different front end, before being fitted with the standard design ...

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... the real AEC Routemaster. The 2760 London versions ran numerically from the standard length RM-class through to the 30-foot long RML type as RM1-RML2760 ...

AEC Routemaster ( @aecroutemaster )

The first Routemaster enters service. RM1 at Crystal Palace in February 1956.

First London Marshall Bus refurbished RM1640 on Heritage route 9 in July 2006

In the first RT1 and RM1 are paired whilst the second shows RM1 again in the distinguished company of prototype 'Borismaster' LT1, and appropriate ...

Arriva London's RM54 on Whitehall on 9 December 2005

RM339 on display in Erfurt, Germany in January 2008

Tour and charter use[edit]

Country Routemaster coach ride with prototype CRL4 (SLT 59)

Clydeside Scottish RM720 in Johnstone in April 1989

East London Routemaster on Heritage route 15 on Ludgate Hill in June 2008

Kevin Yao ( @da74kevinflyandride )


London Transport RM1

AEC Routemaster ( @aecroutemaster )

Kentish Bus RML2574 in July 1993

**CHRISTMAS SPECIAL** A New Routemaster ride on a new favourite route - Stagecoach's Route N8


( @buspicsig ). JJD549D Red Bus Bistro AEC Routemaster ...

AEC Routemaster ( @aecroutemaster )


Alastair Speight ( @ali_sp8 ). Old AEC Routemaster ...

London Routemaster Dimensioned Drawing

The prototype Routemaster, RM1.

AEC Routemaster

Mohan J ( @miniaturevintagegarage )

Arriva London's RML2574 on route 159 in December 2005 with its replacements, a modern double decker and an articulated bus

During the second world war, Salford's buses and trams got into a shocking state.

Routemasters at Alton bus rally in June 2006

Photograph 2 CLICK HERE


( @buspicsig ). JJD516D London Necrobus AEC Routemaster ...

Bus & Bahnfotos Mittelrhein ( @busundbahnfotos.mittelrhein )


Rietze Auslieferung 01-2016 - modellbus.info

Some news provided by Clive Greedus: .

Clockwise from top left: AEC Routemaster on Bus 15 (Image credit: Paul Robertson), Canary Wharf, Monument to the Great Fire of London, Tower of London, ...

1:35 Revell Germany MAN Utility LKW 5t mil gl (4X4 Truck) - RG3300

收藏者自製咗個原裝車咀畀第四部Routemaster原型車CRL4,C解coach,L解Leyland,係僅有兩部利蘭底盤Routemaster 之一,更係唯一由ECW造車身嘅Routemaster:

AEC Routemaster ( @aecroutemaster )

AEC Routemaster ( @aecroutemaster )

DexMex Art Prints ( @dexmexartprints )

Martin 'Plug' Anderson ( @the_plug87 )

RedRoutemaster ( @redroutemaster )

Stephensons Rocket Liverpool & Manchester Railway Model Kit 54000 | An Amazing Model Kit from Hobbies

Bram l BESCreative Design ( @bramzsky )


Occre Locomotive Display Base Kit 906x157mm for Big Train Models 55103 | Hobbies



The Skylon became the symbol of the Festival of Britain. It had a steel latticework frame clad in aluminium louvres, and was illuminated from within at ...

LED Light kit Install in the Lego London Bus 10258



Outside, two buses operated vintage tours of Acton, one of which was visiting Leyland 7RT variant of the standard AEC type RTL 1076 (LUC 253) of Roger .

RT3491 .

Our NS is one of only two known survivors of this important type of London bus and the only one in its original form on solid tyres and with an open top.

Volkswagen turns 20,000 Legos into a classic Bus and new Atlas diorama


BUS JOURNEY London Buses Route 260 Metroline Travel VWH2313


All I want is to travel the world in a hippie bus. An amphibious hippie bus so I can cross oceans, too. Not sure if I'd rather park it by the ocean .

1875 “Knifeboard” horse drawn London bus (right) and 1890 Three Light “

Horse Drawn Bus