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Character Cortana From Bungie39s 39Halo39 Cosplayer Kristen

Character Cortana From Bungie39s 39Halo39 Cosplayer Kristen


Best Cortana cosplay I've seen to date

Character: Cortana / From: Bungie's 'Halo' / Cosplayer: Kristen Cantrell (aka Kristen Lanae, aka xXPrettyWhenUCry) / Photo: David Love Photography (truefd) ...

Character: Cortana / From: Bungie's 'Halo' / Cosplayer: Zhanna (Jannet) Rudakova (aka Jannet Incosplay, aka Jannet-Sorekage, aka PrincessRyofu) (2016)

Master Chief & Cortana

Robin Cyn as Cortana (Halo) ...

Cortana by Minh Pham

Cool Cortana tattoos. Video Game Cosplay, Halo Cosplay, Epic Cosplay, Unique Tattoos

The creator of Halo, Bungie, presents a impressive collection of Concept art for Destiny

Halo Master chief and cortana (this is my laptop background)

Halo Art Cortana

Female Master Chief From Halo costume

Cortana Portrait by ~Tr1gg3r117 on deviantART. Cortana CosplayHalo ...

Art: Halo 3 concept art (update) 1/22/10

Cortana is such a powerful character, emotionally and also when she held of the jerk face alien and saved John.

Character: Juliet Starling / From: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment & Kadokawa Games '

Perfect girl doesn& exi.

I loved Cortana growing up and am so excited to finally cosplay her! Excuse my no makeup face but I'm just so excited ...


Sa @sa_roux Oh hey, check out the new Cortana costume based on her

Character: Elizabeth / From: 'Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3' / Cosplayer

Cortana and Chief Master Chief And Cortana, Halo Master Chief, Halo 5, Halo

Amazing Halo cosplayers at Comic-Con. costume (why is she butt necked?

Rare photo before Cortana turned on the UNSC. #halo #cortana #nycc2018 #

Character: Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock) / From: MARVEL Comics 'Uncanny X-Men' / Cosplayer: Kristen Lanae (aka xXPrettyWhenUCry) / Photo: David Love ...

The evolution of Cortana ...

You or Me - Destiny


Sexy Blue Spartan 3 Cosplay Costumes, Halloween Costumes, Wicked Costumes, Awesome Costumes,

Borderlands cosplay

Cammy White from Super Street Fighter IV

Awesome game: Halo. Can't wait for the next one. Master Chief & Cortana! Great art.

Master Chief and Cortana,1-5 ...

Epic masterchief with his beloved cortana

Halo Cosplay ll Epic & Fail 2016 compilation


(Self) In game vs IRL Halo armor ...

Community | Halo - Official Site

cortana cosplay Geek Girls, Cosplay Girls, Tattoo Art, Tatoo, Halo Cosplay,

Kristen Hughey Harley Quinn Cosplay - More at https://pinterest.com/

What Cortana would look like as a human ...

Character: Emma Frost (aka The White Queen) / From: MARVEL Comics 'X-Men' & 'Emma Frost' / Cosplayer: Elizaveta Spiridonova (aka Bellatrix Aiden) / Photo: ...

Cortana and Master Chief Master Chief, Halo, Masters, Corona, Alone

File:Catherine Halsey Speaking in Halo - Reach.JPG

"Halo - Master Chief by =Paul-Shanghai on deviantART" Art, man.

Steve Downes - Master Chief Halo Funny, Halo Master Chief, Voice Actor, Geek

Chief and Cortana

Lady Deadpool by Zombie Bit Me

Cortana :) by SpartanJenzii on deviantART · Cortana CosplayHalo CosplayDeviantARTComic characterCosplay ...

iPhone 5 St. Patrick's Day Wallpaper

446 best Destiny/2 images on Pinterest in 2018 | Destiny game, Videogames and Destiny bungie

Dancer of the boreal valley armour cosplay from Dark Souls 3

Become a member of the Halo community.


gurensex: Destiny • Cayde-6 Mobile Wallpapers because the thirst is real

Character: Faye Valentine / From: Sunrise's 'Cowboy Bebop' Anime Series / Cosplayer

Cortana - Halo by MadeleineInk on DeviantArt

Combining the armor styles of Halo 3 and Reach make for a near-perfect Spartan look to me ...

EXCLUSIVE! Iggy Azalea's Tour Is CANCELED!

Halo 6 might be Scorpio console exclusive, release date 2018

image here

Ladies and gentlemen, the first fictional character to ruin my life. John 117.

Harley Quinn and Batgirl, via maniacalxjester

Master Chief and Cortana - Imgur

The guy on the left is ...

The awesome Rogue as Halo's Cortana at EMC 2013

Frozen Sleep by Malukah Y'all this song was beautiful! If you like Cortana, I would def recommend

K' & Kula - Characters & Art - King of Fighters 2000

My Destiny Warlock character

Master Chief & Cortana Master Chief And Cortana, Halo Master Chief, Halo Game,

Community | Halo - Official Site

Character: Cortana / From: Bungie's 'Halo' / Cosplayer: Kristen Cantrell (aka Kristen Lanae, aka xXPrettyWhenUCry) / Photo: David Love Photography (truefd)

Destiny Game, Halo, Science Fiction, Corona, Alone

Community | Halo - Official Site


Destiny Titan Redesign by Alexander Fuhr. To be honest I like it better than most of the current Titan sets.

ArtStation - Destiny 2 IO "Gensym Knight" Titan Gear, Roderick Weise Character Concept

Character: Jessica Rabbit / From: Touchstone Pictures 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' / Cosplayer: Kitty S Mortensen / Photo: simplearts (Michael la-Cour)

Cortana steals the show. Master Chief And Cortana, Halo Master Chief, Graphic Novels

Elon Musk Steps Down as Tesla's Chairman in Settlement With S.E.C.

Lady Thor Comic Con Cosplay, Epic Cosplay, Cosplay Ideas, Cosplay Girls, Cosplay

This Cortana's body suit looks sharp

Halo Cortana Body Paint Cosplay - Cosplayed by Dahlia Thomas - Body Paint by Joshua Tripp - Photography by J. Peacock Studios-Cosplay and Bishop Big Bang ...

Halo Holidays 2013, by SirPwn4g3

Character: Avatar Korra / From: Nickelodeon's 'The Legend of Korra' / Cosplayer: Ally Auer (aka Sakura Murakami, aka Cosmic Nya, aka Zombie Queen Ally) ...

Halo Holidays 2013, by RabidMongoose

Character: Starfire (Koriand'r) / From: DC Comics 'Teen Titans

Cortana (Character) - Comic Vine --- Cortana is an A.I. developed by

Sonya Blade by unknown cosplayer

Community | Halo - Official Site

halo art | Gears of Halo: Isaac Hannaford's Master Chief and Cortanna Concept Art

Kelly Clarkson Releases Singles “Love So Soft” and “Move You,” Announces New Album Meaning of Life | Utter Buzz!

Cortana Body Paint : Dahlia Thomas looks amazing in this body paint cosplay of Cortana from Halo. I must say this is just amazing work and detail for body ...

Character: Harley Quinn / From: DC Comics & DCAU's 'Batman: The Animated Series' / Cosplayer: Unknown

Check out this awesome 'Commander+ZaPawLa' design on @TeePublic! Destiny Bungie

The weathered armour from Reach will always be my favourite.

Halo Combat Evolved

one of my many heroes

Halo Reach Carter Commando Helmet Front view finis by Hyperballistik

Absolutely amazing Cortana cosplay from Halo!

Halo 3 art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.