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Ensure correct rotational alignment normal anteversion of both

Ensure correct rotational alignment normal anteversion of both


Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Definition of periaxial rotation.

Standard image High-resolution image Export PowerPoint slide. Both excessive femoral anteversion and retroversion are thought to ...

Figure 8

Figure 7

Fig. 3

Figure 9: Femoral anteversion and retroversion

Fig. 4

Depending on the level of the slices, femoral anteversion varied by 8°. a: identification of the femoral head centres; b: superimposition ...

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Standard image ...

Fig. 2

Figure 1. a: computed tomography measurement of femoral torsion; b: computed tomography measurement of tibial torsion.

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Transverse views of a normal hip (left) and a dysplastic hip (right)

Tibial Torsion Raw Data

Scatter plots showing Widmer's combined anteversion. The two solid lines indicate the satisfactory range:

Measurement of femoral anteversion and the effect of condylar twist angle. (a) Measurement

Figure 2. a: EOS measurement of femoral torsion; b: EOS measurement of tibial torsion.

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Rotational Deformities in Children

Femoral anteversion progression with age Tibial rotation progression with age

Major complex lower-limb deformity with length discrepancy, fixed flexion, and asymmetrical femoral and tibial torsion.

hip variations squat

Are Normal Hips Being Labeled as Pathologic? A CT-based Method for Defining Normal Acetabular Coverage

Rotational profile assessment

A and B, The C-arm is placed with the beam parallel to the

The y-axis represents absolute femoral offset in mm and the x-axis shows

Illustration of the mathematical–geometrical correlation between rotatory anteversion (phi), prosthesis tilting

Welcome to Midwest Physical Therapy & Sports Centers resource about rotational deformities in children.

Medialisation of the hip centre of rotation in: A) females; and B)

Figure 2


Post Injury Test Hip Rotation and Tibial Torsion (Summed Total Turnout) compared with TPT




Standard image High-resolution image ...

Hip external rotation measured prone.

femoral medial rotation

causes of in-toeing in kids hip anteversion tibial torsion metatarsus adductus

Integrating Trunk Rotation with Gait Influences Femoral Alignment

Correlation between sagittal prosthesis tilting and functional anteversion (fAV) for fixed rotatory anteversion values


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There were no statistical differences between male and female right side anteversion (p=0.216) and ...


Scatter plots showing anteversion and X-ray inclination of the cup. Post-operative

Figure 4

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anteversion femoral. Unidad Especializada en Ortopedia y Traumatologia en Bogota - Colombia PBX: 6923370 www.unidadortopedia.com

Figure Fat-saturated, T2-weighted, axial-view magnetic resonance images of

Figure 6

Figure 3

Structural Factors that Affect Girdle Function: Angle of Anteversion

To measure the alpha angle, a line is drawn between the center of the femoral

measure the femoral anteversion of the stem for total hip replacement

3D-printed navigation template in proximal femoral osteotomy for older children with developmental dysplasia of the hip | Scientific Reports

Figure 1

29-2, A-D).

... rotation.8; 8.

Femoral anteversion angle (FAVA) was defined as the angle between the femoral neck axis (A) and the transepicondylar axis (B).

Results of the Pearson correlation coefficient between the intraoperative values and CT measurement values. (Cup anteversion: AV, Cup inclination: CI, ...

Femoral Version and Tibial Torsion are Not Associated With H... : Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics

Table 1: The demographic characteristics of patients with measured angles

Change (Mean±SD) in Alignment of 3-Dimensional Templating Compared to Normal

Scatter plots showing combined anteversion. Distribution of combined anteversion values were scattered as shown by

Rotational Deformities in Children

Femoral anteversion is the angle between a line connecting the centers of femoral head and neck

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A patient with preexistent osteoarthritis of the hip joint and a femoral neck fracture. The x-ray on the right was made nine years after total hip ...

The standard report includes femoral and tibial lengths, femoral and tibial parameters as well as femoral and tibial torsions.

Figure 5

Flow diagram for identification of proper patients for exact angle measuring.

[Table 2] compares the limb length between left and right leg of individual children in both the groups [Diagram 2]. The mean limb lengths of children in ...

Table 2: A pragmatic approach to cup positioning

Figure 5.

43 Femoral Anteversion ...

These x-rays show (left) a dislocated hemiarthroplasty and (right) its salvage by conversion to a hip replacement.

Preoperative (pre-op) and postoperative patient-reported outcome (PRO) scores

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Figure 1

Location of commonly used hip arthroscopy portals.

anteversion. 5° ...

Physical examination showed excessive internal rotation of the hip joint bilaterally (A). Following anteversion radiographs ...

Rotationally Stable Fixation for Intertrochanteric Hip Fract... : Techniques in Orthopaedics

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Femoral Malrotation Following Intramedullary Nail Fixation : JAAOS - Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

1A-B Two graphs showing the anterior and posterior impingement tests for the

Figure 4

Anatomic or morphologic anteversion can be measured reliably by using the reference transverse plane through the

Evaluation of Rotational Gait Abnormality in the Patients Ce... : Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics

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