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Galaco Neo Belong to its rightful owner Vocaloid t

Galaco Neo Belong to its rightful owner Vocaloid t


(Galaco is making her return here. Turns out that YANHE is pretty hard to find pictures of! I might do Xin Hua, IA, or Mayu!)

Library Galaco NEO GALACONJP Gyara-ko RED: clear the singing voice with core. The singing voice of Shibasaki Kou were faithfully reproduced, is voice

Galaco as drawn by Kei, the same illustrator who designed Hatsune Miku.

The エト・セトラ VSQx came with CHika and I was so happy. uvu Ok, so like I used Galaco because i didn't use her in I'm also making a PV for this so ...

Wave unitus dc galaco.jpg

The other character Galaco NEO is a teen with past waist length brown hair and orange eyes.

All About Vocaloid

Vocaloid Galaco < < < Are you sure? This looks like SeeU wearing a different style. < < < more like a seeU/Galaco fusion ☆w☆

Galaco Neo by mystiklsushi

Her "Neo" design gives her a more delicate appearance while still keeping her iconic traits and helps gives her that "cosmic" vibe.


[AtH] VA22 - Vocaloid Anniversary - Galaco NEO

Galaco NEO- Vocaloid by MidoriNemurase

Galaco Fantasy-Summoner by CrisisNoi ...

【Galaco NEO】Stronger Than You - Japanese Version【Vocaloid】

Galaco | Vocaloid Vocaloid Characters, Hot Anime, Anime Love, Manga Anime, Anime


Kaai Yuki

v flower

Galaco NEO doodle by piichimi.deviantart.com on @deviantART

【Galaco NEO】 You're Seriously Mad? I'm Not Mistaken Here 【VOCALOIDカバー】

【Galaco】 Lie 【Vocaloid 4 Cover】

I like galaco neo better, but the original design is good to.

【ギャラ子】real Emotion【VOCALOIDカバー】

So in celebration, these are the very first Galaco models I ever tried making. Have fun and feel free to edit away!

Galaco visual drawn by Tamago.

66 (Roro)


I wasn't sure how to type this, as I'm not a fan of Vocahate, the brief trend of "shaming" Vocaloids or otherwise hating on them, so I hope I'm not ...

Galaco download Galaco image

[MMDxMME] Koi Kaze [NEO Galaco] [+Camera DL!]

【Galaco NEO】声 Voice【VOCALOID3カバー】【ギャラ子NEO】

I was chit-chatting with a new friend while shopping a few weeks back. I was opening a fresh package of Project DiVA Weiss Schwarz cards, and the first one ...

user selected cover

[MMD] ☆So Much Loving You☆ReMix☆Galaco Neo

Hatsune Miku (CV01)

Utatane Piko

アイオライトに (In Iolite) - Vocaloid Chorus

... Rana in winter oufits ...

Yuezheng Ling

Galaco Neo WIP by Pikadude31451 ...

... User selected profile image ...

Illustration by iXima © Good Smile Company Inc. © Crypton Future Media Inc

Collaboration Unfolds Between Hatsune Miku and TOM Special Creators! Many Enjoyable Miku Items Announced!

Minna, Let's Get To Know More About The Other Vocaloid Biography In Detail


Interface of Vocaloid 5

Following her name and concept, Galaco-chan has a strong reference to galaxies and cosmos, which are reflected on the nebulae pattern on her clothes.

Rana character concept

Vocaloid Chart by Xoriu ...

Uni studying for uni (don't judge my puns) for the Back to School #DrawingChallenge

It was later confirmed that the reason for discontinuing Galaco was because Yamaha couldn't find a way for her to exist in her current form.

【Galaco NEO】 Undefined 【.

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Now hold your horses. Nobody knows if this will be her box art, although we know who drew her. But take another look. Not only is Ruby Black, ...

[Neo Galaco] [HD]

Creator Group Supercell to Release Third Album, Zigaexperientia, on Nov. 27

【Galaco NEO】 Through the heart 【VOCALOIDオリジナル曲】

Interface for the full vers.


Galaco v5

【Galaco NEO】 Paranoia 【V..

[MMD]WEEB (ウェッブ)saki y miku

The VOCALOID™3 library has just expended! The newest vocaloid to be made available to the players is named Kokone and she is the perfect choice for a nice ...


A Collaboration Between Talented Creators! Introduction to the Vocaloid Project “Mirage Dragoon”

Regardless of her "hime-sama" attitude, Galaco is a very outgoing and social person. At times she can be a little too honest but she's kind and very smart.

... Rana in winter outfits ...

Both have been the source of Vocahate lately, because of their looks. I've heard that some fans hate on Kanon for looking too much like ...

Rana V3 and V4 design comparison

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【galaco NEO (Blue)】Starduster - Español【VOCALOID 4】

【MMD & VOCALOID カバー】 Galaco - Mozaik Role 【HD】

Galaco download Galaco image

【GALACO NEO & KAITO V3】失われた記憶(Lost Memory)【Original Song】 - YouTube

Well, the hair and skirt are a little glitchy, but I finally made a V Flower model!! :D

Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -Real And Repeat-

【galaco】ECHO(反響)【VOCALOID Japanese Cover】

Get the Party Started! Non-Stop Anime Song Mix CD Finally Releases!

ZOLA Project - Image: Zolaprojectbox

Galaco download Galaco image

【Kyo & Galaco】Association Actress ~Hunter & Beast~【VOCALOIDカバー】

Galaco download Galaco image

by mianamaxi · 【Xin Hua V4】 Sorry for Being an Ordinary Magical Girl 【 VOCALOIDカバー】


Gacha-Poid is not only back from the dead, he is officially dropping on September 17th, 2014. The hyphen was added by theofficial Vocaloid ...

The base of this model comes from the talented, smart and amazing TwilightAnimeLife on DeviantArt. She is so inventive, I really wish I could take more ...

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