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Goddess Oshun Goddess Oya Goddess Oba my ancestors

Goddess Oshun Goddess Oya Goddess Oba my ancestors


Goddess Oshun , Goddess Oya Goddess Oba Ifa Religion, Oya Goddess, African Mythology,

Yemaya, Oshun and Oya. Yemaya, Oshun and Oya Oshun Goddess ...

Nigerian goddess

Oba-Marco de Bará Lode Oya Goddess, Mother Goddess, Orisha, Black Women

Obba is a river deity, the goddess of the river of the same name which runs Eastern Yoruba. Despite being a secondary deity in the Yoruba Pantheon, ...

African Goddess · ochun- Marco de Bará Lodê

... Goddess of love and beauty. Oshun by Kei2lyfe ~ Azalea's Dress Up Dolls

"Shango with his three wives Oshun, Oya, and Oba" by Stephen Hamilton. "

Oya Goddess of Darkness, The Wind and The Dead

Oya is one of the most powerful Orishas. Her full name is Oya Yansan, which means Mother of Nine. A Warrior-Queen, She is the sister-wife of the God Shango, ...

Oya and Shango - CK

1377378_610473225744931_1792139231889059626_n (1) Nana Buluku is a Creator Goddess ...

Orisa Oya. Oya GoddessIsis ...

Oya - Orisha Goddess of Wind, Storm, Death, and Change.

Oshun Yemaya Oya. Oshun Yemaya Oya Oshun Goddess ...

... is the queen of freshwater, lady of the rivers and waterfalls, also revered in Candomblé and Umbanda, religions of African origin. Oshun is the Goddess ...

Oggun, Oshun, Oya by Claudia Krindges

ϴγά ღ αηα

Shango & Oya make some Thunder Strike some Lightning in the Open Sky for Severe Weather. Oya GoddessYoruba ...

Shango Orisha, Oya Orisha, Oya Goddess, Goddess Warrior, Yoruba Religion, African Mythology, Black Women Art, Black Art, Tarot Cards

Obba Nani. Oya GoddessAfrican ...

Oya is an element of the universe: the warrior of fire, wind, magic, fertility, and other chaotic, electrifying phenomena

Temple of Ra Ancient Civilizations, Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Goddess, Ancient Egyptian Art,

... Africa continue to worship the Divine Feminine in association with sacred waters. The popular Oshun and Oba are Goddesses of the rivers named for them.


Oshun Goddess, Afro Art, Beautiful Artwork, Art Inspo, Sagrada, Curly Hair

oya - Google Search Oya Goddess, Divine Goddess, African Mythology, African Goddess,

Sometimes it looks like I walk alone but I always have my ancestors with me!

Orisha Oya Dance from Cuba

Oshun Goddess, Isis Goddess, Goddess Of Love, African American Art, African Art

Oya by Felipe Caprini. Find this Pin and more on Oshun / God's & Goddesses ...

A Yemoja devotee in Nigeria



... that sweeps away dead wood and things no longer needed in your life. She is a Goddess of tempests and tornados. She brings rebirth and new oya -card

Orisha Oya and Oshun dancers with adorned crowns in a folklore show at Callejon de Hamel

Samhain and Day of the Dead celebrations roll right into November. The veils are thin. Our Ancestors and Beloved Dead are around us and all time seems to be ...

The Interesting Reason Why The Yorubas Named River Niger After Oya, One Of The Most Powerful Goddesses In Africa

Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess


Obatala & Osun by Felipe Caprini

Here is the Mythological Goddess in my “Strong Women throughout Mythology” series. A Yoruba Goddess of Nigerian Mythology, Oshun, the goddess of love and ...

All this and she has found time to be the mother of nine and keep them away from the glare of publicity. They don't make Goddesses like this any more.

Oya, the goddess of winds and storms, is the equivalent to Scorpio and is the ruler of the eighth house which is the house of transformation, regeneration, ...

An Orisha is a spirit that reflects one of the manifestations of God. Being four hundred and one of them in total, each playing a role within the Yoruba ...


These are essays I have wrote to help people understand the orisa. These are notes I have taken from my padrino's and elders from Cuba and I would like to ...

A Beautiful Woman Changed To An Antelope In My Front Just Like Goddess Oya

She also rules over maternity in our lives as she is the Mother of All. Her name, a shortened version of Yey Omo ...

Orisha - Oba is the Orisha of marriage and personal transformation, making her fit. Shango orishaOya orishaAfrican MythologyAfrican GoddessDivine ...

She possess his sons and daughters in a trance and they dance like washing their bodies in the river. Her priests/ priestesses uses yellow beads around the ...

Image is loading SET-OF-2-ORISHA-CHANGO-amp-OSHUN-God-

Oshtuntun- My concept of a character/goddess based on Olokún/Yemoja, Oya

Abèbè, the ritual fan of Ọṣun

Yoruba Gods and Deities


Most people, when they think of Osun, think of her as a river Goddess, or a fertility Goddess, the “Afrikan Venus. However, she is much, much, ...

Aboru Aboye, today I will be teaching you about Oba Orisa. Oba cut off her ear to serve to her husband Shango as food because Oshun has convinced her this ...

Commission piece I have completed to honor Orisha Oya! Looking for a custom piece of

Oya or O'yansa was the only wife among the others who decided to accompany Sàngó in his journey to Tapa (Nùpe) to his maternal house.

Oya yeba Iya mesa Oya , Òrun afefe Iku lele bioke. Oya, Mother of Oyo, sky's wind down to the ancestors

Another of the Triad of Ancient Mothers in Yoruba mythology, the other two being Yemaja and Oya. The power (orisa) of love and sensuality.

(1) Is your mom or dad a Witch? (2) Did your mom or dad go to Shrine in search of a baby before you were born? (3) Are you hot tempered?

Oshun by Carla Nickerson

African womb wisdom is not found recorded in books, libraries or bookshops. Africa is a land filled with ritual. Ritual or prayer is seen as the gateway to ...

West Africa's Orisha and Astrology

By Cosmic Yoruba on March 4, 2014 — "Oya: Rise of the Orisha" is an upcoming feature film that blends the Western superhero genre with Yoruba mythology.

Today I will be teaching you the 21 signs that you mami water {water spirit}. Mammi water spirit is different from Olokun or Osun or Oya.

Oya, Yansa

Olodumare. Ori. Esu. Ogun. Shango Kabiosile. Yemoja. Osun. Obatala


... goddess Yemoja), sensuality, prosperity, love, and fertility. Oshun is presented as a beautiful young woman who is widely loved for providing protection ...

Reincarnation Proof: How To Remember Your Past Life The Easiest Way


This Goddess here 💜 #goddesslife #divinebeing #devinefeminine #innergoddess #oya #orishaoya

Like the blacksmith who molds his creations to perfection, the first house deals with molding the inner and outward Self and realizing your highest ...

Mythological Fire Creatures

Yemoja Incantation

Goddesses Of Yoruba Mythology - Jew World Order

So a woman who wants to be her husband's all should figure out how to balance


Our #wcw goes to the benevolent goddess Oshun. ✨💛🌼 Who's feast day

According to cultural historian Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, worship of the Dark Mother Goddess, ...

SET OF 3* Orisha CHANGO OYA & OSHUN God Goddess Yoruba African Statue Sculpture

Mff Oshun, Mff Yemaya Siempre los Olo Oshun tienen buenas relaciones con los Oni Yemaya y viceversa, o no?

Oshun - I think this is so beautiful and a perfect representation of a black women.


Tarot Card - 3 Card General Reading

NEW Goddess Mists from Red Wholistic · Audrey Alison – November Astro-Tarot Forecasts on Youtube

Artistic impression of Olorun

The Orisha Oshun is from the Yoruba Religion. Her colors are copper and yellow.