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Hahhaha t com cimes Sasuke Humor t Cimes


Sasuke comes home ❤ Sakura faints and Sarada is happily shocked ❤ Uchiha Family

Haha Sasuke misses the times when Sakura would run and hug him ❤ ❤ ❤️Sarada comes first now

Sasuke comes home ❤ Sakura faints and Sarada is happily shocked ❤ Uchiha Family Moment on Episode 54 ❤ ❤ ❤️

Naruto Next Generation funny | Sasuke and Hinata... the quite ones... we can clearly see that their kids didn't inherit that trait.

"sAkUrA cArEs aBoUt nArUtO sO mUcH" bitch WHERE?????show me where. "

Orochimaru comes for Mitsuki and Parents Meeting ❤ Boruto Ep 35 ❤ ❤ ❤️

Sakura comes from a underrated clan! With out all the special abilities like other clans, she is on of the strongest in Konoha! (Behind Naruto and Sasuke)

Sad Moment :( Mikoto Uchiha comes at the Hospital to see Naruto, with Itachi and Sasuke. :( ♥♥♥

SasoSaku - Sick by multi-saku.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Naruto Funny

Sasuke: C'mon Sarada please eat it Sarada: NO Sasuke: please baby Sarada: NO *throws plate at his face* Sakura comes home later that day.

:3 here comes the legend Shikadai, Sasunaru,

said Sasuke to Orochimaru. Boruto Episode 22 - Gaiden ❤ ❤ ❤️

Come back sasuke by sbel02 ...

Sasuke fact

that's because he is the best character in Naruto. Ever. Sasuke comes up in my top for sure, but Kakashi uses those amazing skills an whoops up on everyone.

Anime Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto Funny, Sakura And Sasuke, Boruto, Naruto

Naruto Period Page_040 by Enock ...

This basically sums the reason why he got off without a punishment.

Who says power comes with responsibility? Gaara

Studio Pierrot's Logic... and I don't even think that Hinata is a Secondary character to me she's like a 3rd and she just comes out of no where and then ...

1/11 Sakura's Surprise to her dear husband:3 Sasuke Uchiha Sakura Haruno,

Sakura Haruno under the genjutsu of sasuke Uchiha.................. toneri Otsutsuki using his power t control Hinata Hyuga. When Rin Nohara comes ...

Naruto, Sasuke and... Goku? GO FIND THIS PARODY. YOU WON'T BE SORRY.

i don't ship Naruto and Sasuke but this is funny xD <---- I ship this dorks😍


I've always believed that Naruto will become Hokage... I can't wait until his dream comes true!!

Sarada comes from the future.

AnimeNaruto Couldn't ...

After Naruto comes to an end I would like Kishimoto-sensei to make few chapters of how their life would have been if they were normal high schoolers

Finding Sasuke by ToonTwins ...

He right at him

Sasuke what did you do this time? You won't like what will happen if Sakura got mad at you, got it?! - Naruto - Sasuke X Sakura

Rasengun , the last attack to Sasuke in the final battle. | Naruto | Pinterest | Naruto, Naruto shippuden and Naruto uzumaki

Naruto ~~ They forgot Naruto and Sasuke, but yeah. There's only one true love for this kid... :: Naruto and Ramen...hehehe

This made me laugh so hard for no reason at all

This is how everything should be done when it comes to Sasuke and Naruto

sasuke kiss sarada - Buscar con Google

Naruto doujin- I HATE SASUKE by cheryl-chan ...

What If Sasuke Never Knew the Truth About Itachi?

Sasuke Comic 4 by gejimayo ...

Contestants [Sasuke x Reader]

See, the thing about Sasuke... Sorry sometime just doesn't cut it. : Naruto

Sasuke Never Listens

Naruto Chapter 627 pic6

Demotivational: Sasuke-heartbreaker by ioana24 ...


Naruto's Twin Sister || Sasuke Love Story ||

Will ...

... Naruto 693: Sakura talk no jutsu!! by ioana24

You're Mine Sasuke by Satosanteru ...

AA T ¶ ⒞

Drunk Sasuke in Sai by Kirika-chan ...

Itachi: Forgive me Sasuke...... There won't be a Next time....... *Smiles a bit*

Naruto failed the initiation

Misery_025 by Enock ...

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The Ring - Naruto version.. by christenlanger ...

Extreme kabe-don by Satosanteru ...

Three Heartbeats (page 45) by PRoachHeart-Sasuke ...

Kakashi in a coma, Akane comes to him every day and waits his awakening. for

i agree with kisame hoshigaki as death came to embrace itachi he realize the kind of person he truly was a HERO

NaruSasuNaru pg 6 +7 by Satosanteru ...

1. Yep, I know exactly one line in the opening theme:

NaruSasu douji Pg 133 PhotoShoot by Cassy-F-E ...

horrible, but yeah it does look like it whenever Jiraiya told Kakashi about the nine tails cloak and the seal to seal the nine tails

Kyo's First Word (Page 18): Pay Back Part 2 by PRoachHeart-Sasuke ...

In the end of the movie, Pazu and Sheeta decide to use the Spell of Destruction. With a single word, the pendant triggers the collapse of the city's core.

In Love With My Best Friend |Uchiha Sasuke|

(TBH that makes them more perfect)

shikamaru's sister (sasuke loves)

5/ In the Sasuke Shinden, we ironically learn that the only photo that Sarada knows about of her dad, comes from Karin. Thus, Karin is the person who has ...

Naruto's ...

SasuNaru Interview by mewpudding101 ...

... he gave her the ol' two finger forehead tap that Itachi used to give him. Then Sakura the dejected wife comes through and hands him his packed lunch and ...

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My Boss Is My Ex? {SasuNaru/(Lemon)} - Chapter4- I hate my Boss - Wattpad

After Naruto and Sasuke do all the hard work he want to finish the job. Meson this man need licks! Then another twist!

Konoha High School

Gerotora goes on to say that the Kyuubi's will is a mass of hatred and that it clings strongly to the chakra. He said that no matter how much you brace ...

How it Should Have Ended by Satosanteru ...

sasuke's punishment? (sasunaru)

Sakura defends him when Gaara bypassed Naruto, getting caught and rendered unconscious in the process. While she is stuck and Sasuke is incapable of moving, ...

It was Fukasaku and Shima who performed the Toad Confrontation Chant on Pain, not Jiraiya.

A Naruto clone as himself, Sarada as Sasuke with a pinch of extra emotions and everything that comes with being a girl ...

... waited for the ol' two finger forehead tap that she oh so craves even acting bashful, but he doesn't do it. WHY DOESN'T SASUKE TAP HIS WIFE'S FOREHEAD ...

If you guys haven't notice I love Sasuke, and I totally ship SasuSaku


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xehanortscrack hates freedom of speech and americans in general. if u see him make sure

The initiation is deferent for everyone hahaha. Daidara initiation was much easier then Sasuke hahaha

Well, Gaara, his eyes aren't quite the same as yours anymore -

do u hate america too? sasuke sama is tired of ur racism!

Lending others powers .


Image by dark-kunoichi92. I don't ...