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Heavy bronze neck torc worn in the mideval period by free men in

Heavy bronze neck torc worn in the mideval period by free men in


Bronze Age Torc Torc (or necklace) made from twisted gold.

... torcs were worn at other times. IMG_20120720_143602

Ancient Old Bronze Twisted Neck Torc (DEC) 1 of 4 See More

Viking Bronze Neck Torc - Very Rare Historic Artifact Stunning Medieval - L823 1 of 3 See More

Rams Head Necklace, Torque Necklace, Torc, Neck Ring, Ancient Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, LARP, SCA, Reenactment, Ethnic, Middle Age

Celtic Torc - bronze

TWISTING IRON TORC Torc Torques Necklace Twisted Druid Celtic Celt Celts Viking Vikings Iron Steel Metal Handmade Forged Craft Metalhead

Torcs are metal rings worn around the neck. Torcs were very important to the ancient Celtic culture, and Gods/Goddesses are often depicted wearing them.


Elegant Bronze Age torc in striated gold, northern France, c. 1200–1000 BC, 794 grams

Odin Wolves braided torc bronze Bracelet Ragnar Arm Ring

Bronze Wolf Heads Vikings Nordic Handmade Heavy Torc Twisted Wire Fibula/Brooch/Clasp

Pewter torc (bones design)

Iron Age jewellery comprised a bracelet, a necklace torc (or neck-ring), and two brooches linked by a chain (though only one chain was actually recovered) ...

Gold Celtic torc with three "balusters" and decoration including animals, found in Glauberg, Germany, 400 BC

Heavy Braided Torcs

Free shipping to UK! Hand crafted Bronze Viking double twist torc bracelet

Bronze & Brass Wolf Heads Fenrir Thin Nordic Handmade Viking Torc Twisted Wire Necklace

Neck rings from Ģūģeri Latvia, grave Latgallian

Silver spiral necklace - Large spiral pendant - Hammered metal necklace - Festival necklace - Statement

Celtic Iron Age - twisted neck Torc. Hand-forged for reenactors.

Bronze & Brass Wolf Heads Fenrir Heavy Nordic Handmade Viking Torc Twisted Wire Necklace

Torc from Burela, Galicia, with double moulding scotiae terminals, and hoop decoration. At 1.812 kg (3.99 lb) the heaviest Iberian torc.

Bronze Viking Bear Bracelet / Torc

Odin's Ravens Bracelet / Torc

Enormous 3,000-Year-Old Gold Torc Unearthed in England May Have Been Worn By

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Two uncleaned Bronze Age twisted bar torcs with flared cylinder terminals, as often found folded up, with bracelets, England

Sterling Silver Wolf Heads Vikings Nordic Handmade Heavy Torc Twisted Wire Bracelet. Bronze Vikings Viking

image 0

Viking Torc Necklace Wolf Heads. Viking Age Wolf Torque. Fenrir Necklace. Odin Wolves. Celtic Torc Necklace

Detail of a bronze torque (torq or torc). Epernay, Musee municipal d'Archeologie et du vin de Champagne.

snettisham great torc

Men's Jewelry Through the Ages

Two treasure seekers have found jewellery which could be the oldest Iron Age gold ever discovered

Image is loading Large-Silver-Viking-Wolf-Head-Bracelet-Torc-Norse-

Stainless Steel Neck Torc with choice of Stone and Length - Stainless fnt

'The Torc (also spelled Torque), or neck ring, was an important piece of Celtic jewelry, and was worn before 1200 BC to as late as 600 AD.

Byzantine Christian cross necklace

Bronze Viking Bear Bracelet / Torc

A selection of Celtic Torc worn by celtic iron age people of status. Made of twisted strands of gold into a horseshoe shape.

Vintage Pewter Celtic Viking Style Torc Bangle

Replica Migration Era Sterling Silver Torc/Neck ring

Irish bronze Age Torc

Bronze braided torc and bracelet with wolf heads. Viking style, for men and women. Ethnic, totem, celtic, massive. Necklace.

Historical Necklaces[edit]

Viking bronze Neck Torc

Bronze Viking Dragon Head Torc

The Snettishham Torc

Viking Bronze Neck Torc, c. 9th-10th Century AD

Enormous 3,000-Year-Old Gold Torc Unearthed in England May Have Been Worn By Pregnant Woman | Ancient Origins

Extra-Heavy Braided Torcs

Ancient Bronze Viking Neck Torc. SNAKE! Сleared. (7.1).

Gold Bronze Age spiral torc

A polychromatic Greek necklace with butterfly pendant

Bronze Viking Neck Torc & Arrowheads Scandinavian

Celtic Bull's Head Torc - Solid Bronze -- Viking/Norse/Gaelic/Neck

A bracelet torc, made of gold

Statue of Queen Boudica who would have worn torcs. Shutterstock

Wilkin said the torc displayed “unprecedented” craftsmanship and may have been worn around the waist by a pregnant woman during a fertility ritual.


9 of 12 Viking bronze Neck Torc

Viking Bronze Neck Torc with Lunar Amulet Pendant

In some parts thick heavy torcs were common, whereas in others delicate, intricate designs have been found.

Enormous 3,000-Year-Old Gold Torc Unearthed in England May Have Been Worn By Pregnant Woman | Ancient Origins

Jeweled Silver Torcs

Bracelets, Cuffs & Arm Rings

Dirce Repossi White Gold and Diamonds Necklace

Source: 100 Objects

Gold Torc Necklace

Neck Rings and Neck Chains

Medieval Bracelet Twisted Torc, 22ct Gold Plated

Sedgeford Torc

Historically, a torc was worn as a neck-ring with the opening in the front, but the massive Bronze Age specimen pulled from a site 60 miles north of London ...

Authentic Medieval Viking Era Bronze Neck Torc W/ Coiled Ring - L424

Ancient British (Celtic) ringmoney - found in Lincolnshire in 1980s


Celtic Iron Age/Viking - 'Warrior' arm ring. Hand-forged for

Bronze Age Europe - Image: Cône d'Avanton, musée des Antiquités Nationales

Odin's Ravens Bracelet / Torc

Famous Torcs

Large Silver Viking Dragon Head Bracelet/Torc - Norse Mythology Beast Bracelet

Celtic Neck Torcs


Unusually complex Swedish Bronze Age spiral ribbon torc in bronze

Medium Braided Torcs

Belts & Accessories