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Heidi Becker by Mario Casilli Achingly beautiful t

Heidi Becker by Mario Casilli Achingly beautiful t


Heidi Becker, by Mario Casilli

This War Veteran's Tennessee Wedding Is Achingly Beautiful

N . . . o . . . v . . . a

photo synthesis #1

Pulchritudinous, premium panels, presented prodigiously for your perusal.

Monday, 28 July 2014


Lisa Edelstein hot - Google Search

Santa Dredd?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A superb remix of one of my desert island favourites. Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' by Psychemagik, the UK duo known for their sensational remixes.

I haven't posted any Steranko art for a while, so this should remedy that. The front of a wraparound cover for The Steranko History of Comics #2

Here's one of a selection of rather beautiful Manga publications that someone was kind enough to bring back to London for me from Japan, sometime around ...

Another beautiful tome of Japanese Manga that someone gave to me, many moons ago. Lone Wolf & Cub.

Item: A 2000AD ad from 1978 by McMahon & Bolland. I can't imagine this would have been approved by either DC or Marvel!

Spidey Remixed

I haven't posted one of these for a while, and this is a goodie! 2000AD Prog #196 by Dave Gibbons. As a recap about the process; The black & white line ...

I am now the proud owner of a rather large Alien egg from the set of Ridley Scott's Prometheus thanks to Andrew Martin International via Leigh Morrison.

64 The Circle - Adrian Crowley

Jaco Iacovazzi LISPED REWETS Gheller SAILINGALONG Aurora - PDF Free Download