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Help block the sun39s rays with Block It Like It39s Hot httpsjenngarzo


RR uvular trill D voiced alveolar plosive J palatal approximant W voiced labial-velar approximant B voiced bilabial approximant P voiceless bilabial ...

pdf pg 65 & pg 47

Wow, there's a preying mantis that I forgot about. And, like Budge, there's a form of SCORPION which looks like a scorpion.

Khipu Accounting in Ancient Peru (Science, August 12, 2005): Full Text

E :: 1 :: bull / bulls :: 🐮 :: 🐮🐮🐮 :: E :: 2 :: charging bull / Siamese twin bull :: 🐮💣 :: 🐮🔰🐮 :: E :: 3 :: calf ...


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... Unicode emoji glyph appeared like in Facebook. It ends up reminiscent of the Vygus dictionary, the encoding of which and the ubiquity of the name Vygus ...

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Magic: the Gathering Emblem - Elspeth, Sun39;s Champion (11/11) - Theros

( This page was chosen simply because it's the only page with two cats. There are only one or two pages that even have the cat glyph. )

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Raymond Dancer's business card

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a tree named wysteria

New Orleans Magazine March 2015

PDF PG 52 4

Magic: the Gathering - Sorin, Grim Nemesis (251/297) - Shadows Over Innistrad

New Orleans Magazine July 2017


Here are more great examples. Here's a great one of GASM and ELMER, two names we see often in Detroit. Pardon that the name of GASM is vulgar. ...

As indicated by the above, this image is totally ignorant. The idea that it's a jaguar molar is totally ignorant.

Her parents had at one point had two sons and two daughters. She's the youngest daughter.


Her family started out, and lives, somewhere near the red state of Russia. They started out several states to the northeast.


"An example of a quipu from the Inca Empire, currently in the Larco Museum Collection." This image occurs in the Wikipedia article.