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I SHIP IT It39s by righteoustoafault on tumblr PLEASE DON39T

I SHIP IT It39s by righteoustoafault on tumblr PLEASE DON39T


I SHIP IT!!! It's by righteoustoafault on tumblr PLEASE DON'T DELETE

This ship seriously cannot me sunk, I'm telling you. - the paragragh though. made me laugh so hard because its so accurate xD Other bbc ship- Johnlock

I wonder if the instructions are just "make them as in love as possible,

This is me and I ship Destiel so hard!

Bring on the AANGST!! ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙


I'm not in this fandom, but I ship them hard.


Marcia's Art Blog : Photo

Don't Fuckin Touch Me

Only Love by PVRIS

Bucky and Steve.

destiel kiss sam is the biggest shipper to ever ship

Twist & Shout feels intensifies (not mine, despite link to my tumblr)

How Deep Is the Racism of the Republicans?




“I love you,

Roy Spencer is analysing his own data and finding very good agreement with the CRU temperatures. The period analysed is from 1986 and shows a significant ...

Odrsjot written by Imploding Colon


Luna Moonlight

Wallpaper cell phone hipster


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You know, it's fanart like this that doesn't have them just going at

Jeffrey D. Sachs is the Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University


Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Re-Translating Lightning Returns - The Blog


Dean's face when Bobby said Cas was gone. Hang on….I've suddenly started taking about Dean, how very unlike me…... I loved every moment of when Cas became ...

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carcass band

Posted ...

this guy

Of course, all their circumstances were different and at least Sugimoto had the chance to erase it all after he left his village, when Ogata was constantly ...

A Song Of Ice And Fire / A Game Of Thrones

Post-Symphonies Of Sickness Carcass is redundant | Old Disgruntled Bastard

Character Design

I feel dirty for laughing . . . Ship It, Supernatural Merchandise, Supernatural Ships

hipster and wallpapers image on We Heart It

52 Pines


2010-02-21 12.49.37.jpg …

Meet the Immortals: Jung Hoseok

Then we saw Leviathan!Cas, with an ancient evil burning through Cas' thin membrane of skin as they slowly took control of what would soon become their ...

Sullyvan Robinson



Oh Chuck, Cas looks so offended

Post-Symphonies Of Sickness Carcass is redundant | Old Disgruntled Bastard


Most shows going into their seventh season don't need to take a lot of risks. They're established, they don't have to work too hard, don't have to challenge ...



This is the part where I defeat Rainbow, eat Roarke and destroy the world, right? Right?

Jeffrey and Pachauri, and a mutual friend:


I don't ship destiel but dean would do this just to confuse cas you know he would

Oreoli / Things I like, go figure ;:P

male model crown - Google Search

I felt like this was a look at the path he will be on while he, once again, comes to terms with how they can never, ever catch a break.

“Jane from Peter Pan 2 made me realize it's okay to still be childish even when times get tough. That's how I cope with things, and I get judged for it but ...

My skin just turned yellow, my nose grew a foot long and I got my own sound sword. I then went for a stroll and yelled at my neighbour's cat for a ...

Saber Ruler by Bianyuan Qishi

Jeffrey and Pachauri, and a mutual friend:

o* I bet he'd totally wear something like that. Now I need the writers and costumers to make this cannon


Dayra Ashiuchi • 9 pines


Did I mention....Dean in a hospital gown?




Dayra Ashiuchi • 9 pines


Dean and Castiel (Supernatural) Sorry, I'm not good at English You'll always be my angel

Happy birthday Supernatural.

Sometimes you just want to drink spooky beer, in your spooky room, watching spooky things, listening to spooky sounds, and hope this is enough to distract ...

At least it was nice to get more backstory with regard to the dragon queens. It will certainly be an interesting showdown in a year or two when they finally ...

Aim for the heart destiel art

Post-Symphonies Of Sickness Carcass is redundant | Old Disgruntled Bastard


Slides yoi fic illustrations under nearest piece of furniture


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We also see the guys investigating. We've got to assume they're trying to figure out what on earth to do about the Leviathan and it looks like they're doing ...

Simon d'Haese Lechasseur

A ightning pendant rattled from where it hung from her neck,

Expressions 2 PAX East Autograph session < < < I feel like he's staring into my soul! So uncomfortable rn no smol bean stahp!

I think this my new favorite fanart