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Anime Overlord Overlord (Anime) Demiurge (Overlord) Shalltear Bloodfallen Albedo (Overlord) Ainz Ooal Gown Sebas Tian Mare Bello Fiore Aura Bella Fiora ...


Overlord v12 Author's Thoughts

The characters as they appear in the anime. Clockwise from top: Ainz, Demiurge, Sebas, Albedo and Cocytus, Shalltear, Mare, and Aura.

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Overlord Manga

momon vs demiurge overlord

Welcome to Reddit,

Artist: Rentian | Overlord | Ainz Ooal Gown | Albedo | Aura Bella Fiora | Cocytus | Demiurge | Mare Bello Fiore | Sebas Tian | Shalltear Bloodfallen


Anime - Overlord Overlord (Anime) Aura Bella Fiora Cocytus (Overlord) Shalltear Bloodfallen Demiurge (Overlord) Mare Bello Fiore Albedo (Overlord) Sebas ...

The characters as they appear in the light novel. From left to right: Demiurge, Mare, Shalltear, Albedo, Ainz, Sebas, Aura, and Cocytus.

Overlord • Повелитель

Demiurge overlord

Anime Overlord Albedo Demiurge Aura Bella Fiora Mare Bello Fiore Cocytus Shalltear Bloodfallen Ainz Ooal Gown Overlord Wallpaper

SEASON 3 ANNOUNCED & Demiurge is One Twisted Man | Overlord Season 2 Episode 13

... to meet with Ainz beforehand and an ostracized imperial noble supposedly arranged the expedition you can bet a bit of secretive puppeteering is at work.

... the highest caliber—and I mean cutie pie, just look at that vampire face—and by hell did Brain prove his worth as a manicurist in the best way possible ...

Note: there's a character in there who hasn't appeared (and probably won't appear) in the anime.

Albedo rides Ainz Ooal Gown Overlord Season 3. Drake X


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[Spoilers] Overlord - Episode 2 [Discussion] : anime

Ainz-sama is incredibly talented at wooing and ...

permalink ...

I noticed this eye behind shalltear in the last seconds of the fight Ainz vs Shelltear and there can be heard a whisper, is there an official explanation? ...

Animeexcitement and ...

... although sadly without any of torturous rape faces which add to her endearing charm. Well, yet. There's also the appearance of Emperor El Nix and his ...

... his Imperial Knights who've been well-teased in the OP and ED thus far, but the big feature lies with Foresight and our four merry Workers who got the ...

Drapire Overlord (Overlord Fanfiction) by ReneAndrewMendoza

There's also the appearance of Emperor El Nix and his Imperial Knights who've been well-teased in the OP and ED thus far, but the big feature lies with ...

Comic showing how MIND-BENDINGLY Powerful Ainz-Sama's Head Pats are : overlord

... reward given her family troubles, but third tier spells and special abilities or not, you know exactly what's going to happen to that cute face—Albedo ...

Nice butt window Albedo

The Second Player [A Overlord Fanfiction] by saltybot

Amazon.com: Overlord, Vol. 6 (light novel): The Men of the Kingdom Part II (9780316398794): Kugane Maruyama, so-bin: Books

[Spoilers] Overlord II - Episode 13 discussion - FINAL : anime

The Phantom Member [Overlord X Male Reader] ON HOLD by TheOtakuOutcast

Such sinister scheming though wouldn't be complete without its unintended victims supporting cast and on this front we also received the full kitten ...

Part 1

Overlord III – 06

Overlord Male Reader Insert by Lunar_Legend

[Spoilers] Overlord II - Episode 11 discussion : anime

Honestly, I feel Arche should just murder her parents and hide their bodies. I am pretty sure fantasy worlds don't have the best detectives, ...

[Spoilers] Overlord II - Episode 10 discussion : anime

[Spoilers] Overlord II - Episode 13 discussion - FINAL : anime

Overlord Volume 6 Epilogue

The Human Of Nazarick(Male Reaper/Human reader x overlord harem) by Grimcreeper58

None None None

[Overlord] In case you guys are wondering how OP the Nazaricks are compared to the non-Nazaricks ...

(Overlord).full.1930871.jpg, ...

Overlord Volume 10 Prologue

217KiB, 707x1000 ...

... to say was his last sentence, I didn't go out of my way to write it into a lecture, you know? If it ended up sounding like one, I sincerely apologize.

Source: @over_lord_anime

Grim Eye ( Overlord x Male!Reader ) by Psajchol

#LightNovel #BookReview #LightNovelReview

The Black Swordsman and The Undead Overlord: A New Begins SAO/Overlord Crossover by

Pure Pure Pleiades special episodes

Overlord 3 Episode 10

... as Momon dabbling in sightseeing and security detail you can probably start piecing a few things together. Not much of a spoiler to guess what ruins our ...

Wraith of The Tomb of Nazarick ( OVERLORD X MALE READER) by The_True_Beast_God

Just as the loose alliance of worker teams begins their infiltration of the mysterious ancient tomb, Momon leaves the rest to Narbarel and teleports back ...


Compilation Movie 1 Bonus: Pleiades Days

Art shamelessly stolen from masiro-sama and 2ch.

#albedo Stories - Wattpad

Albedo isn't amused by her new volume 10 outfit

Overlord II (TV 2)

#overlord Stories - Wattpad

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 1534921073754.jpg, ...

Overlord #anime #overlord #overlordii #overlordiii #momongasama #ainzooalgown #ainssama #

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 1534885892214.jpg, ...

Overlord Manga Sebas Tian Chapter 31

... the unsanctioned adventurers, and no doubt this is also part of Demiurge's larger plan to create a name for Nazarick that will echo throughout the land.



Demiurge-boggling use trying to shorten the distance by two people.


The parties within the tomb don't fare much better. Some are teleported to some god-forsaken sub-dungeon of the tomb where a Cockroach King (possibly voiced ...

Top 10 Anime Of The Week: Winter 2018 (Anime Trending)

... #overlord #narberalgamma #pleiades #sketch #blackandwhite #doppelganger #maid

Skythewood translations