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Oliver Sacks book covers by the amazing Cardon Webb Each cover

Oliver Sacks book covers by the amazing Cardon Webb Each cover


A collection of Oliver Sacks book covers that align to make one incredible graphic. Designed by Cardon Webb. Oliver Sacks is a neurophysiologist and a great ...

The covers of a series of books by Oliver Sacks, designed by Cardon Webb. “

Oliver Sacks book covers by the amazing Cardon Webb. Each cover works well on its own and the whole series fits together to make a complete Voltron super- ...

A montage of book covers designed by Cardon Webb

Words by Belinda Lanks

Cardon Webb book covers for Oliver Sacks via foxtrotpress.

Oliver Sacks Series Jun, 2011

These amazing covers were designed by Cardon Webb, associate art director at Broadway Books at Crown. Thank you, Dr. Sacks, for everything.

A great series of book covers by Cardon Webb which when placed down together form a larger image.

Oliver Sacks Series from Vintage Books 4

Layout | Oliver Sacks Book Covers by Cardon Webb

Malcolm Gladwell series by Paul Sahre and Brian Rea

Cover of the book

Invisible Man, designed by Cardon Webb

Oliver Sacks Book Cover Design by Cardon Webb

Came across these lovely new Oliver Sacks covers by Cardon Webb on tumblr. Dig deeper into his portfolio and you find some more real gems.

Migraine: Oliver Sacks

Sacks_1 Sacks_2 ...

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire spine design

These amazing covers were designed by Cardon Webb, associate art director at Broadway Books at Crown. Thank you, Dr. Sacks, for everything.

Cardon Webb's Sacks' covers mocked up as a collection on a Kindle Collect them all

Once again, I've been struck by their generosity. Nevertheless I have surely I've missed some great covers. Tell me what they are in the comments.

The cover of the book. “

Luke Tonge

Book series covers

The Bauhaus Group

The Oliver Sacks paperback set, designed by Cardon Webb

2015 Gift Guide: Books

These amazing covers were designed by Cardon Webb, associate art director at Broadway Books at Crown. Thank you, Dr. Sacks, for everything.

I LOVE Cardon Webb's Oliver Sacks cover collection (hard copy & digital icons) "Cardon Webb's work for a series of Oliver Sacks books is stunning …


Book Cover

9780141194394_thesecretagent_0 9780141194332_dracula_0

Oliver Sacks book covers designed by Cardon Webb.

138 great quotes series covers by costanza lekai.

Pale.doyle.m ...

... Cardon Webb for Oliver Sacks. Angus Hyland book cover design

Some designs present a double solution to this problem: the manner in which you separate a book's title can be a strong unifying element in a series.


Luke Tonge

Oliver Sacks Series from Vintage Books 3

Suzanne Dean, Random House's creative director, said, “The 3D cover is an idea I thought of a long while ago and had been holding onto until the right book ...

Horror ebook cover series by Imacon. Jersey Girl book covers ...

The cover of the book

These ...

Decorate the edges of the Journal - make a colorful and creative design or simply label

Very clever minimalist cover design by Isaac Tobin, for the book entitled 'Piracy'

Cover and Slipcase ...

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In Jerusalem, a Matchmaker Pairs Mature Artisans with Young Designers

The covers to the Walking Dead trade paperbacks show a ...

Vintage Oliver Sacks, designed by Cardon Webb (Vintage)

inneroptics: Brassaï -Book cover ...


An Object of Beauty


Book Cover

My poetry teacher this semester makes an appearance in this book for what he experienced after · Oliver Sacks ...

Smut ...

Moon Sisters 175 ...

This year marks my site's tenth birthday online, so I'm celebrating with a new design incarnation. Number five is alive! (Sorry)

cocotazo: “ Cover of L'oeil magazine's special issue on Surrealism, by Pierre

Page 1

Penguin book cover designs by YES

See more wonderful ...

Via Caustic Cover Critic this week. 101 true stories of unlikely meetings each told in 1,001 words may seem a tad gimmicky, but I can't shake off my desire ...

I meant to post about these new Nabokov covers from Vintage Books a while ago, but the post somehow got lost in the shuffle. Over the holidays, I went into ...

For these books have anaglyphic 3D covers and, included inside the book, come with a pair of 3D glasses. Apparently 3D isn't just for TVs.

For instance, a flock of confetti surrounds the mouth on Seeing Voices, and neon-yellow tire tread covers the head on Migraine.

Of little or no interest

All signs are pointing to a revamp of iOS being announced at Apple's WWDC next week, and with it, a lot of speculation around what it might look like.

Cover of the book

See more wonderful ...

melancholia covers

Jersey Girl book covers by MuseMariah


I really apologize if this is too off topic, but VHS tapes are very similarly shaped to books; the VHS collection of Pee-Wee's Playhouse has a ...

... Goodbye Madame Butterfly cover — two women joined at the … hip? in Kimonos above

A new book traces the history of the album cover, starting with the art form's


I remember reading "The Pearl" in middle school and absolutely hating it but Emmanuel's cover for it has me thinking maybe it wasn't so bad and I should ...

harperperennial: “ Our Fall 2015 Olive Editions are in from the printer! These beauties

Yale autumn/winter 2014 catalogue by Yale University Press, London - issuu

Chip has such a unique creativity when it comes to designing books. As much as we say, “You cannot judge a book by it's cover”, people still do.

Kelly Thompson chooses her favourite 52 comic book covers ...


Historically Hardcore


Moon Sisters 175 Fading Light 175


Jazz-Inspired Book Cover Designs by Cardon Webb

The Book of the Dead


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