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Omo Valley This girl lives in a village with no running water or

Omo Valley This girl lives in a village with no running water or


Omo Valley. This girl lives in a village with no running water or electricity. Yet cell phones are slowly making their way to this remote area in the Rift ...

Up Close With the Tribes of Ethiopia's Imperiled Omo Valley - The New York Times

Omo Valley Ethiopia Tribes

Human rights groups fear for the future of the tribes if they are forced to scatter

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Hamar_Omo Valley_Ethiopia_Kellie Netherwood-3.jpg

Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Daasanach Dancing

The world until yesterday: meeting the tribes of Ethiopia's Omo Valley

Lower Omo River Valley, Ethiopia

... by rubbing charcoal in deliberately administered cuts, causing the skin to welt in intricate patterns — is common among tribes in the Omo Valley, ...

In remote Ethiopia, where tribes still practise ritual infanticide, one man has made it his mission to save the children

Ethiopia: Omo River Basin, Karo tribal farm (with irrigation) called Kundama,

But today the Omo Valley is also a region that lives under a very big threat still unknown to most of its inhabitants, who are completely unaware of the ...

Located in the far southwest of Ethiopia is the Omo Delta, one of the last great tribal regions left in the world. Living in this remote but accessible area ...

VALLEY OMO, ETHIOPIA - MARCH 15: Unidentified Karo girl carries bottle of water near

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Why Ethiopia's Omo Valley Is Like Nowhere Else on Earth

A portrait of a woman and her child from the Dassanech tribe, in the village of Borkonech in the lower Omo Valley. She is wearing a headdress of sorghum ...

The Unconventional Beauty of Ethiopia's Omo River Valley

One of the powers of photography is to teach us about the world and the places we may never see ourselves. Photographer Michele Zousmer traveled to Omo ...

cultural tour south omo valley - 8 Days

The Omo River From Kolcho Village, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Twilight of the Tribes: Ethiopia's Omo River Valley - Condé Nast Traveler

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I had gone to the Omo Valley with imaginative tourism business visionary Will Jones to get a view into the lives of a portion of Africa's most customary ...

After checking in with immigration, you will make a quick trip in a mokoro like canoe across the Omo River to visit this village.

Kara tribe

The Lower Omo Valley of Ethiopia

Stock Photo - Young Ethiopian Men Running Down From Kolcho Village To The Omo River, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

The Karo (or Kara), with a population of about 1000 - 1500 live

Kara woman overlooking the Omo River at Korcho village.

Twilight of the Tribes: Ethiopia's Omo River Valley - Condé Nast Traveler

Hamar_Omo Valley_Ethiopia_Kellie Netherwood-6.jpg

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A beautiful, shaking and thought-provoking visit to the Omo Valley - Traveller Reviews - Mamaru Ethiopian Tours - TripAdvisor

Wedding plans … Dami (right) with mother-in-law-to-

A young Mursi woman with a traditional plate in her lip

A group of Suri women with lip plates, headdresses and body paint

... Eth-ham-el-08_460_landscape ...



Omo Valley (11 DAYS)

Two young women from the Hamar tribe, in the Turmi area of the isolated South


The Hamar, numbering 45,000 throughout the valley, are known to be pastoralists. Credit Andy Haslam for The New York Times. “

“I wake up when it is still dark and take my goats to the fields. I drink milk from my plastic bottle that has heavy sorghum in it.

Omo National Park and River: Arbore Girl, Lower Omo Valley. Daasanach Village ...

Suri tribe girls take a break from panning for gold by playing in the river in

Surma Lady

... Ethiopia: Lower Omo River Basin, Lebuk, a Karo village, dance ceremony

Portrait Of A Mursi Girl, Mursi Tribal Village, The Omo Valley, Ethiopia -

cultural trip ethiopia; Hamer Tribe Girl ...

Ethiopia, Mursi, Young Girl

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Surviving the Second Conquest: Emperor Menelik and Industrial Plantations in Ethiopia's Omo Valley

image …

A Hamer man andwoman of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia fill their water cans with

Twilight of the Tribes: Ethiopia's Omo River Valley - Condé Nast Traveler

Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Daasanach Girl

Stock Photo: Young woman and child belonging to the Mursi tribe ( Omo valley ,

How To Visit South Omo, Ethiopia (Omo Valley)

Omo National Park is one of the most well-known but remote parks in Ethiopia, despite it having almost no tourist infrastructure or amenities.

Lago is a married woman who lives with her husband, her husband's two other wives and their four children in a small village deep in the Omo Valley.

Children taking care of goats down the Omo River

In the village of Hiloha, a Mursi tribesman and his children gather his cattle to take into the fields for grazing. For the Mursi, cattle both provide milk ...

Omo National Park and River: Mursi Merege Village camping nights Omo-Turkana Tours

And they made sure they had the money before photos could be taken. With the money in her hand, one lady proceeded to show us her famous lower lip and how ...

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Twilight of the Tribes: Ethiopia's Omo River Valley

Portrait Of A Young Karo Tribe Woman With Colourful Necklaces Over The Omo River At Sunset

Hamer girl in Ethiopia. Her name is Gadi and she lives in the small traditional Hamer village Denbaiti.

Hamer tribe woman carrying a bag omo valley turmi Ethiopia on March 14 2016 in Turmi

We visited the Surma, Hammar, Karo, Nyangatom, Abore and Daasanach tribes in the Omo Valley. That's just a handful of the over 80 tribes in Ethiopia and ...

"C O N N E C T I O N" by Ozzo Photography on 500px ~ tribal village of south OMO Valley. "

The Omo Valley trip isn't for sissies! There's lots of driving over bumpy roads and it's hot. Very hot! But every bump, every bead of sweat is worth it.

Ethiopia: Introduction to a Hamar village in the Omo Valley

Young Suri Girl, Ethiopia

Displaced by a landgrab in Western Ethiopia

View of the Omo River from Korcho Village

Ethiopia, Southwest Ethiopia, Omo River. A young Dassanech girl beside the Omo River. Her hairstyle, necklaces and metal armbands are typical of her tribe.

Since each tribe and village we visited in the Omo was unique, I want to share a lot of the images from the rest of our time among those cultures.

We ...


“I am standing in the market waiting for my friends, maybe they will come, maybe not. We will talk about the boys and nothing more.”

The Omo River From The Karo Village Of Kolcho, Omo Valley, Ethiopia - Stock