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Piercing I thought this was an outie lmao P Piercing t

Piercing I thought this was an outie lmao P Piercing t


I've always love ear piercings. Haven't seen this variation before - love it!

How Long Do You Keep Your Earrings in After Getting Your Ears Pierced?

Piercing... I thought this was an outie.. lmao :P

Cool Multiple Ear Piercings Unique Ear Piercings, Multiple Ear Piercings, Cute Piercings, Body

Persephone Body Piercing

Learn About Helix Piercing Healing Before Getting A Front Helix Piercing

The+Art+of+Adornment:[email protected]

Lovely Double Belly Piercing, Belly Button Piercing Bottom, Double Belly Rings, Belly Button


I'm obsessed with this, but idk how it would look with my rook and tragus and it wont fit with me industrial on the other side...humm.

I have the double cartilage piercings and am waiting and the second lobe piercing. don't know if I will go to three ear lobe rings.

Surface piercing with Industrial Strength Moonstone threaded ends.

Ooh, maybe new piercing, smiley piercing.

Right ear done! Now for the healing process. Double forward helix, daith,. Face PiercingsForward ...

Casavana Tribal Ear Piercing 6 Pieces Earring & Ear Cuff Set

Love the heart, thinking about getting more piercings and redoing the ones I have

Teeny Tiny Piercing Set | With stones, charms, chains and studs this earring set come sin quite a collection displayed on a leather patch.

This is actually so simple and pretty... Really want all the tiny diamonte now!

I don't like this one, but earcuffs in general, i kinda want one.

double helix triple lobe Cartilage Piercing Hoop, Double Helix Piercing, Helix Ring, Hoop

Triple Forward Helix ( so painful!), tragus, and bottom two piercings done:)

Just another girl♥ | via Tumblr. Lip piercingCute ...

Ok now I'm starting to really want a belly button piercing, I'm starting to tone my stomach so I don't look like Jabba the hut, so I'm more confident in ...

I want to get this lip piercing

Desejo - Piercing de Argola Milionária Mais

Also called belly button piercings, navel rings, or navel piercings, belly button rings are small piercings on the top half of the belly button.

i want this rook piercing if i can have this earring for it. next piercing for sure :)

Expansión =3 · Forward helixEar piercingsPiercing ...

Learn About Helix Piercing Healing Before Getting A Front Helix Piercing

Busting Belly Piercing Myths

Don't know what kind of belly button ring to get ? Check out some belly button piercing, double belly button rings, reverse navel piercing jewelry at ...

Beautiful Piercing Ideas For Women

Triple forward helix and three lobe piercings. I'm gonna get the triple forward helix, but I'm not gonna get a ear lobe piercing

belly button piercing | Tumblr

rook piercing!! it's so cool but it's supposed to hurt a lot :( this is how I want my right ear to look!!!

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Faux Rook and helix piercing by Nicholas Adams. Tragus piercing by Angela Cannistraro

belly button ring. I wish people didn't think these were trashy. I

An industrial piercing with an arrow and cute. Next Piercing!

cartilage tattoo. SickPiercingsTattoo ideasPeircingsPiercingMultiple ...


These piercings are so adorable, the pain might actually be worth it

ear piercings | Tumblr

two belly button piercings and a hip piercing . thats awesome. I have the two belly buttons and if my tummy was this flat I'd def add the hips.

Soo many peircings :) I would love to have this

Discover the best ideas regarding belly piercings and creatively decorate your body with the different styles and trends this season.

Got my rook pierced

Migraine Piercing - 1 Year Results After Daith Piercing for Headaches

double belly button piercing - Google Search

cute multiple ear piercing ideas for cartilage helix tragus crystal earrings

Septum ring and vertical labret piercings

Different Kinds of Ear Piercings

Cool ear piercing ideas and inspiration- love the heart piercing!

Texto novo no blog, novas parcerias e cores!

Sweet triple conch piercing.

Know About Belly Button Peircing Aftercare and Pain Management

Piercing Tattoo, Venom Piercing, Eye Piercing, Double Tongue Piercing,

14K Yellow, Rose or White Gold Filled Swirl Heart Nose Stud / Free US Shipping

Diamants Blanc earring silver

Double Industrial Body Piercing by: Sara Ottawa, On Canada [link] Double Industrial Piercing

ear piercing ideas multiple

ear crawler only needs one piercing. Stylin for the ladies that have pierced ears . 18 Cute And Unexpected Ear Piercings

Body piercing jewellery- unique belly button navel piercing dangle - surface dermal anchor skin divers

Lower naval/belly button piercing. Love it :)

Get the Look. Belly Button Piercing ➩ Navel ...

I can't wait for my birthday so i can finally go and get my smiley pierced. I have been wanting this piercing forever and i am finally excited that i am ...

Next piercing - conch on my left ear, to go with the tragus.

literally want all of these piercings oml

wow the only thing I haven't thought of but I already have my rook pierced and my conch stretched

Lip piercing

A different angle for industrial w/conch cluster and 2 forward helix piercings.

multiple ear piercing combinations ideas for cartilage rook daith triple forward helix conch studs rings jewelry

Can't make up my mind if I want the septum piercing or just the regular side nose piercing.

... Piercing Ideas at MyBodiArt. "You realize that you're not just making a piece of jewelry, but something that's really important to someone.

Double bellybutton piercing, I already have the top one I just want the bottom one next

Yay triple conch piercing

Vampire bite dermals are pretty cool except they need to be spaced farther apart

Complete guide about cartilage piercing and different types of ear cartilage piercing and nose cartilage piercing. Know pro and cons involved in cartilage ...

51 best piercings and body modifications. images on Pinterest | Piercing, Piercings and Tatuajes

#rook #piercing

Body piercing pictures

Smiley piercing and nose piercing. I love the smiley piercing, its pretty unique and looks great, also easy to hide. Both of these piercings though, wow

Piercing Tattoo, Piercings, Tattoos, Peircings, Piercing, Tatuajes, Multiple Ear Piercings, Irezumi, Lace Tattoo, Tattoo, Tattoo Designs, Body Piercings, ...

Triple pierced earrings-- this is my next piercing!

One of these popular surface piercings is the nape piercing. The nape one is definitely one of those unique and gorgeous versions.

I think this looks neat, but Id never get it done. Looks too painful and it would be over kill with my ears already double pierced

try a flat disc on the bottom of your Tongue Piercing instead!

Earth Ink Tattoo and Piercing ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring accessories and piercings

Ear Piercings

Snake bites what you want... i think these lip rings might look. Snake Bite PiercingAngel ...

I usually think stretched ears are disgusting but it looks kind of cool with the triangle

30 best Piercings images on Pinterest | Piercing, Piercing tattoo and Piercings

would never get it done, but I think this looks awesome

30 Unique Ear Piercing Ideas for the Adventurous

I want the conch but I'm a little nervous about that. Piercing na orelha - Ricota Não Derrete

5 white fire opal stud cartilage earring, tragus or helix piercing. 316L surgical steel

Triple tragus piercing; I want this! Either a double or a triple. Cute, simple, & still stayin classy!

Goals: Nose, Septum, Smiley and Labret Piercing's❤️