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Pin by Bruce Wayne on BATMAN t Batman Bats and Comic

Pin by Bruce Wayne on BATMAN t Batman Bats and Comic


When I read it for the first time I really hated Jason! DON'T TOUCH MY TIM!!!


Thomas Wayne Batman Meets Bruce Wayne Batman

3/3 Batman Comics, Batman And Superman, Dc Comics, Batman Robin,

eh, It needs to be updated

Batman Batman hunts a new and deadly killer in Gotham City—a killer with a vendetta against Bruce Wayne! But who is this mysterious killer in an owl skull ...

This has to be one of the best instances of Damian being a kid in all of comic history.

Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) with his son Damian Wayne now the forth Robin

That started out cute then broke my heart

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Batman #38 review

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The Bat Family #BatManAndRobin

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Comics Features Batman · Share Tweet Pin Text. Update: Bruce Wayne’s “Bat-Pole&#

Dick Grayson Is A Better Batman Than Bruce Wayne


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The Beggining of the Batman

Batman #22

full page

Batman 676.jpg

New costume, new image? Batman ...

Batman: Damned #1. Photo: DC Comics

http://inkydandy.tumblr.com Dc Comics Funny, Marvel Dc Comics

Knightfall. Main article: Batman: Knightfall

Batman Black and White

The Bat-Cave: Metal Special Edition

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Welcome to Reddit,

Batman #50 review

Batman #50 Wedding Jorge Jimenez Exclusive Variant Cover

The Robins of the Batman Who Laughs, from Batman: Metal #2

Cover; Original Cover

Batman's closest allies and deadliest foes clash in a struggle for Bruce Wayne's immortal soul. Think you know the Bat? Think again.

Mirka Andolfo/DC Comics

Batman #53. Photo: DC Comics


The New Adventures of Batman

The Penguin on the cover of Batman #287 (May 1977). Art by Mike Grell.

crow Mirka Andolfo/DC Comics

In the pouring rain, Batman drops to one knee and says, “Marry me.” The issue's cliffhanger: Will Catwoman say yes? (She does.)

Bruce Wayne Buys The Daily Pla... is listed (or ranked) 1

Dear Hollywood: Stop Using Frank Miller's Batman Stories As Source Material

Frank Miller Just Did the Unthinkable: He Wrote a Mundane Batman Story in


Commissioner Gordon and his robotic Bat-suit battles against Mr. Bloom

Batman #21

The awful reason the evil Robins in Dark Nights: Metal only say 'crow' - Polygon

Cover Gallery

Bruce Wayne (Arkhamverse)

Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo on Batman, Bruce Wayne, & Decisions

Batman vs Two-Face cover.jpg

Bruce Wayne's romance with Selina Kyle may be of new to the more casual of observers, but it's been a key part of Batman lore for decades now.

The Complete Bat Family. by stopitcharlesgetoutofmyheadFeb 19 2017. Bruce Wayne - Batman

Batman #44 cover (Joelle Jones). Photo: DC Comics

Batman and Robin Vol 2 36.jpg

“We want to give them our best up until the last page.”

That Time He Ignored the Bat-S... is listed (or ranked

Give them the Batman they deserve. Give them something they've never seen before.” Bruce Wayne ...

Damian Wayne of the Batman Who Laughs universe, from Teen Titans #12, “

Batman (1989) by DraganD ...

batman explaining his dark fashion sense

... Mezco DC Comics Ascending Batman Super Hero Classic One:12 Quality Action Figure 112 ...

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The Bat-Cave #1


Damian Wayne, Robin, Dick Grayson, Nightwing, Tim Drake, Red Robin, Bruce Wayne, Batman

life lessons

Silver Age

Batman cold days. Comics

Image. Bruce Wayne ...

Batman even recognizes the similarity.

Orlando Bloom as Bruce Wayne/The Bat Batman-DC-Comics

Batman #29

Batman, No. 1. Catwoman — then known as the Cat — debuts. The sexual tension is immediately palpable: At one point, Batman threatens, “Quiet or papa spank!”

The death of Thomas and Martha Wayne was first shown in Detective Comics #33, November 1939. But the death of Bruce Wayne's parents wasn't something that ...

The extended Bat-family is fighting to save lives and stay alive themselves, though the odds aren't in their favor. One of the more poignant moments ...

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