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Pin de Akanksha Singal em Atticus poetry t Citao

Pin de Akanksha Singal em Atticus poetry t Citao


'Magazine Dreams' @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry. '

I kissed her and forgot to breathe it just didn't seem as important at the time. Atticus

A beautifully simple way of explaining it.

"Paths" @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry. "

You and I are one in the same... @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry

Poem by Atticus. @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry

'Magic' #atticuspoetry #atticus #poetry #poem #magic #love #findyourwild #paris #france. '

@Atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry #poetry #poems

'Without Her' @Atticuspoetry Appreciate who you ...

'In Diamonds.' @AtticusPoetry @atticuspoetry. '

'Lost & Found' @atticuspoetry @atticuspoetry. '

"Real Depression" @Atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry #poetry #poems Depression Poems, Depression

I fall in love every day ..* Late Night Quotes, Philosophical Quotes,

"Rainy Sundays" @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry #quotes #poetry #poetrycommunity Rainy Sunday

#atticuspoetry #atticus #loveherwild

'Tortured' #atticuspoetry #atticus #humans Poetry Quotes, Words Quotes, Book

"Chasing the past" @Atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry #poetry #poems. "

"Too wild to last, too rare to break" Atticus Poems, Poem Quotes


"Burning Bridges" @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry #quotes #poetry. "

"Love in the Rain" @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry #quotes #poetry Quotes About


Walk towards the good in life and one day you will arrive.

there were magnets in my bones for that iron in her veins ♡ atticus

Art takes time - Monet grew his gardens before he painted them. (Atticus)

Things aren't always as they seem.

Atticus, poet - Google Search

"Hand in Hand" @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry. "

'Clumsy Hearts' @Atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry. '

'Every Ounce of Me' #atticuspoetry sorry was just in that sort of mood


But the sadness. It's terrifying too. I feel like a little girl as I type this.

❤️My sweet warrior, Rod. Semper Fi, my love ❤️

There is a fact that happy ters are not salty but Atticus is my king so whatever you want

is this why I don't have any friends hahahahhahahahahahah

'Normal' @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry. '

He is nothing but trouble. Trouble, yes, she added. But not nothing, not nothing. -Atticus

Check Out What Modern Day Poets Have To Say About Poetry In The Golden Era Of Social Media

something broke in our generation.


i love that clip of yours that's so many pictures of you so many in one moving piece. We waited so many years.

the way she talked about the things she loved made the whole room turn to see what shone - atticus

I've kept my mind so busy learning other more inspiring things.

I hope you're safe and happy where ever you are. xo @atticuspoetry # atticuspoetry:

#lost #smiles #atticuspoetry

Even hell is much better than that.

follow @words.entwined on instagram for daily poetry #poem #poetry #poems

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I want to know everything about your heart, don't leave out even the smallest detail. After all we already know it is a thief....2323

bn02d // Poem Quotes, Life Quotes, Sad Quotes, Atticus Qoutes

From my lips to God's ear...may this be true for all of us hahaha! Have a beautiful day folks! #love, #living, #wine!

20 Quotes On Life And Love From Internet's Mystery Poet Atticus

stuck on what i want to do with my life Poem Quotes, Timing Quotes,

Pin by Jeannie Almonte on Poetry | Pinterest | Quotes, Inspirational Quotes and Nikita Gill

you killed me Erin Hanson Poems, Poetry Inspiration, Poems Beautiful, Quirky Quotes,

#mauve #poetry #words #simplicity #simple #neat #poem My Brain

Empty Spaces - Poetry to explain how emptiness can sometimes be a human emotion.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you have the power to fix the other person.

Read between what he is saying and see the truth.

Tired to your very bones

moon, quote, and dark image

Poetry from author Nikita Gill

Eye opener not to be so judgeful of others. Learned my lesson.

The truth and a boy will find any excuses to manipulate and jeopardise relationships! Practice what you preach

'Desert Flame' #atticuspoetry #atticus #poetry #poem #desert #pixie

Lovely. ~ETS #word

Tell Me ~ Lang Leav

WE ARE WHAT WE CHOOSE 7 Haiku From Tyler Knott Gregson's "All The Words Are Yours" - mindbodygreen.com

Living Hell

30 Love Poems For Him From the Heart - Part 6

~lost together. found. *

Sass Quotes, Deep Quotes, Rupi Kaur Milk And Honey, Poetry Quotes, Beautiful

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someday soon... but not now. it's strange to feel too much for

pinterest | unkeptpromises Nikita Gill, Depressing Quotes, Poem Quotes, Life Quotes, Sympathy

7,492 Likes, 102 Comments - Nikita Gill (@nikita_gill) on Instagram: “

ithelpstodream Poems For Girls, Poems For Sisters, Sister Poems, Hate Men Quotes,

Wildest Mystery I know, Nikita Gill


-p.b.p Short Poems, Short Quotes, Short Powerful Quotes, Quotes Deep Meaningful Short

metaphors ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring text, words, fillers, quotes, poems, phrases, article and saying

Especially now when their friends are telling you this is how she feels now (again for the millionth time) and I'm all like .

It's a lonely thing, protecting a breakable heart Poem Quotes, Sad Quotes, Words

Atticus Poems, Pretty Words, Beautiful Words, Beautiful Poetry, Star Love Quotes,

MONSTERS The monsters were never under my bed. Because the monsters were inside my head. I fear no monsters, for no monsters I see.

Crying~Lang Leav Meaningful Quotes, Poem Quotes, Sad Quotes, Inspirational Quotes,

Positive thoughts creates a positive life.

Saw the Christmas pin, made me feel hopeless. Thought I was past that.

Little houses

This can be both good and can destroy your your faith in humanity at the opposite end. Waiting for the “good” Steve

Poem Quotes, Life Quotes, Daily Quotes, Depression Quotes, How To Fight Depression

Chelsea carroll original poetry

But sometimes...just to not live would be the kindest thing too..to urself..and for people around u.

a forest story

A Forest Story | Nikita Gill

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What are you thinking about? I would give almost anything for you to hold me, kiss me, and open your heart to me again.