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Summer is already here and it39s hot out there Hell it39s 43 C where I

Summer is already here and it39s hot out there Hell it39s 43 C where I


Summer is already here and it's hot out there. Hell it's 43* C where I live. Getting an outfit right in this season is super difficult.

Too much man, when it's over 25 degrees as it has been currently for over a month its just insufferable esp for a pluviophile like me. I swear this climate ...

UK weather forecast: Hot weather will hit from tomorrow and last till the weekend

New Jersey Shore Summer

People cool off at the beach during the heatwave in the southeastern coastal town of Benidorm

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Summer

Wisconsin Summer

UK weather forecast: Hot spell of warm air will heat the UK

Thrillist Winter Misery Index

Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It's not always for health reasons - Japan Today

Utah Summer

Happy ...

This weekend is predicted to be the hottest on record in Spain and Portugal (Image: Daily Mirror)

Four seasons

(You can learn the secrets to attracting the girl of your dreams)

Louisiana in summer

We think about grief a lot around here – we write about types of grief, grief theory, personal reflections, creative expression for coping with grief, ...

UK weather forecast: Temperatures have already risen across the UK today

Florida gators in summer

Alaska Midnight Sun Summer

Virginia Colonial Williamsburg in Summer


Garbage New York Summer

If you have found your way to this site because you suspect that the symptoms you are experiencing may be due to low iron, iron deficiency or anemia, ...

Slide Show|8 Photos. Living in Hell's Kitchen

It's time for Fido's summer shave.

Beachgoers cooling off on Tamarama Beach

Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, oil on oak panels, 220 cm × 389 cm (87 in × 153 in), Museo del Prado, Madrid

This is how crowded is the beach in reality.

Eulogizing a Home: How to Say Goodbye to a Place With Memories

Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It's not always for health reasons - Japan Today

Warnings for people to stay out of the sun haven't been heeded by everyone

Hell (on the right) is portrayed in this 16th-century Hieronymus Bosch painting.

It's Dark and Hell Is Hot

"It's All Coming Back to Me Now"

Top Ten Reasons Why California Is No Longer The Place To Be Or Move To


Here Are 71 Reasons Why You Should - Hostelworld

Ancient Sumerian cylinder seal impression showing the god Dumuzid being tortured in the Underworld by galla demons

Clifton Beach in the height of summer

hottest brewery beers

SUPERHOT is the first person shooter where time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It's just you ...

Below are ten facts about the Earth — the second in my series of Ten Things You Don't Know (the first was on the Milky Way). Some things I already knew (and ...

Harrowing of hell. Christ leads Adam by the hand, c.1504

Plight of Phoenix: how long can the world's 'least sustainable' city survive? | Cities | The Guardian

You'll get better at putting yourself out there. “

Here are the places I recommend you visit:

57. You won't settle for less than you deserve. “

The Algarve is famous for its stunning cliffs overlooking the beaches, which will be even emptier in the winter. Find deals on Algarve hotels here.

Electricity market operator denies being 'asleep at the wheel' during blackout

14 years in phoenix

Whitaker Point (Hawksbill Crag) trail in the upper Buffalo River wilderness.

... heart out, throwing their hands in the air and going absolutely mad! Released on AUS and premiered via Mixmag, it's one of those unforgettable tracks ...

12. Fish 'n Chips at Kalky's

It's a celebration of freedom ?:

It's a sugar-coated trampoline of house featuring a vocal worming its way in and out of the slippery, hard-to-contain synths.

Rock band in performance on a well-lit but hazy stage. we see two

New Orleans' Best Hot Weather Dishes To Eat Right Now

Must have hot weather product - Annabelle Perfect Matte Mattifying Setting Powder!

Temperatures in Spain and Portugal could reach a huge 50C over the weekend

Hamilton pool

... why am i still single webinar ad

Muhammad, along with Buraq and Gabriel, visit Hell, and they see "shameless women" being eternally punished for exposing their hair to the sight of ...

"It's All Coming Back to Me Now"

Want to travel alone


An unspeakable crime in the heartland.

Apparently his name is Marshmallow.

2018 WWE Hell in a Cell results, recap, grades: Brock Lesnar's surprise return, big title change - CBSSports.com

Those constant cuts on your tongue and mouth from the spiky brackets are your own personal hell

First World Problems Meme - Imgflip

5 drinks you will always enjoy in hot weather

Is This Your Perimenopause Transition?

While in Nha Trang, I met an English teacher who had been in Vietnam for many years. He said that the Vietnamese are taught that all their problems are ...

In a Vase on Monday: still hot

This album came at the world like a punch in the face, and the impression from its rhinestone glove still smarts. Basically, hip-hop breaks ...

It's featured in mixes from the likes of Soulwax to Annie Mac, and it sure as hell is a club-ready smasher.

But I know it's coming. I know it's coming because strawberries appeared at the Greenmarkets last week and if you think I dork out pretty badly when the ...


Pixabay. "

F.A.L.C.O. E83: Ghost Recon Wildlands - Predator

64 Myths About Grief That Just Need To STOP

I've been told by experienced Vim users that this reputation is unfair, and I'm sure they're right (even I've gotten the hang of it in the last few years).

43. Festivals

Bat Out of Hell


A man covers his head in Hyderabad

I never really used Instagram, but once I learned that it has over 100 million users, I had no choice but to start using it.