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This Tumblr Puts HipHop Lyrics Over Classic Art And It39s t

This Tumblr Puts HipHop Lyrics Over Classic Art And It39s t


Over the last few months, Tumblr user "Fly Art Productions" has been putting famous rap lines over classic works of art.

This Tumblr Puts Hip Hop Lyrics Over Classic Art And It's Actually A Masterpiece

This Tumblr Puts Hip-Hop Lyrics Over Classic Art And It's Actually A Masterpiece

Here are some of its best — most hilarious and often genius — juxtapositions:


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This Tumblr Puts Hip-Hop Lyrics Over Classic Art And It's Actually A Masterpiece | So Funny My Face Hurts | Pinterest

This Tumblr Puts Hip-Hop Lyrics Over Classic Art And It

Images via flyartproductions/Tumblr


flyartproductions: “ We don't want no devils in the house! We want

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... and fresh hip-hop lyrics. The resulting series gives a whole new meaning to “the classics,” providing a veritable crash course in Western civilization.

Artists match famous paintings with hip-hop lyrics to glorious effect

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The glow got the Medici feeling gun-proof Triumph of the Medici in the Clouds

flyartproductions: “ It's been a long day without you, Sappho, my friend Death

flyartproductions: “ I will field your questions, I will feel your pain Moses the

CARTIER BARDI IN A RARI The amorous dancers, Gustave Boulanger / Bartier Cardi, Cardi

Resurrection time! Noli Me Tangere (1442) works perfectly with MC Hammer's U Can

Flora Priestly is a real crowd pleaser Flora Priestly (c. 1889), John

I speak of wondrous unfamiliar lessons from childhood The Bath (1893), Mary Cassatt

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Don't I make it look easy? Don't I make it look

... hip-hop-lyrics-classic-art-5 ...

flyartproductions: “ them rebel angels they just up to sumthin, they just not just

Sometimes you sense that change is coming, and can only hope it's for the best. Two recent incidents in the creative life of Eminem signaled that the ...

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HK Sileshi

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flyartproductions: “ The lady with a contrabass is barely getting paid Lady with a contrabass

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Zendaya / Jeanne d'Arc

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El-P, Aesop Rock, Ill Bill

Caspar David Friedrich - 'Wanderer Over the Sea of Fog


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Jean-Michel Basquiat's history with rap music goes deeper than Jay Z's punch lines and bragging rights. That engagement was most visible in the “Beat Bop” ...

I just wanna say, “You're mine.” The Honeysuckle Bower,

It's hard to believe that it's already been a year.

Because it's important to understand & embrace the struggle.

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Has any major pop star, of any era, required the level of indulgence that Kanye West demands? He's a brilliant producer, an ingenious curator, and arguably ...

VH1 Classic

notorious b.i.g. mural

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Images via flyartproductions/Tumblr


In his TEDTalk (watch now), Charles Limb reviews his groundbreaking work studying creativity and the brain — by putting musicians inside an fMRI and ...

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Irina Raquel. Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night (2014). Courtesy of

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This tumblelog is devoted to playing only cover songs, remixes, and mashups. It's quite a ...

Because it's important for them to follow their passions.

Most big hip-hop stars try to capture an energy rather than tell a story. Cardi B's songs, by contrast, are premeditated.

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A photo of mumble rapper Lil Yachty at a concert "

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Jhene Aiko Insta. "


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Getty Images

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Check out more Hip-Hop artwork over on Tumblr.

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Max Abelson's super groovy music video spectacular: With a title like that, and a subtitle that reads, "max abelson and his funktified flying fortress of ...


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My only advice is to please keep writing, please keep sharing your story and art. Hip hop needs you. The community needs you. The stage is more than big ...


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