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Tumbler Ring Voltron Memes It39s Funny Supernatural t

Tumbler Ring Voltron Memes It39s Funny Supernatural t



AU where Lance only pretends to know Spanish and only knows a few phrases This translates into it's always good to know more than one language

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Has this been done?

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I just love Klance

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... include Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. Sometimes I'll post something I found funny, but it's mostly fandoms.

For klancetober day 9: ghost hunter

Meme take over

I'm in a sheith group where every Sunday there is a different theme/prompt and last one was about motorcycles. So here is this! Them being cute (and quite ...

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Voltron! Profile VS Tagged

I'll Warn You, These Tumblr Posts Are Weird, But They're

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they're judging you


this is so me that it's hard to believe that i didn't make this

Spicy Thigh Club — call him out

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Stranger Things Season 2 is filled with '80s movie, pop culture, and even comic references you may have missed. Here's what we found!


When The Supernatural Fandom Became My Life.


What if they had capes? Even if it was just for a formal event?

Aaaaaand there goes that last little piece of my heart that wasn't broken from season six that I was hoping to hold on to.

We have a gif for EVERYTHING! @itsbetterthananooopereraaa @duck-life @thelilnan


MULTI-FANDOM & Probably Shitposting about MEME & MMD

Prev. gameongiraffe (and then I moved my actual jasminephobia tumblr) HEYA! I

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Dude. Mexican. 22. Future Architect. SVTFOE Memes, Incorrect Quotes and Trash. Marvel Fanboy.

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So it's canon that Damian loves being on his phone and stuff, but what does he do on his phone?

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star light, star bright, and it's you I'm dreaming of tonight

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Follow. 🍕🍕🍕 · 🍕🍕🍕

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Life On The Murder Scene .

It's Funny

I honest to god hate myself but honestly it's a match made in meme heaven and I hate it--> umm.maybe not as a couple but as friends and as a meme yes


Jaytim Week Day 2: Supernatural AU… you mean Buzzfeed Unsolved AU

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Some of you have got to start watching Doctor Who and Supernatural with me so you can share the angst. < < so true

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If lucifer needs the consent! OMG.. idk if this post is offensive or awesome.

Everyone Is Beautiful

He and Keith really have very similar issues and need some proper hugs dammit

This slick meme reference. | 19 Really Funny Harry Potter Posts That You Maybe Haven


One of my favorite Supernatural tumblr posts XD Supernatural Memes, Supernatural Angels, Bitch,

We briefly died but in other news I now have 10 plants taking up of my desk space - mod shiro (three of them are named after the Holts, ...

Funny Memes. Updated Daily! ⇢ FunnyJoke.tumblr.com 😀

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lol keith doesn't get the thing cuz keith never gets the thing

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Yes mullet son

Looks like I'll be donating more money and knocking on more doors than I planned over the next few months.

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Why does it look like something was edited off of Shiro's left hand and Keith's left hand is hidden from view?? Secret wedding rings??? Voltron explain

it's not gay if the balls don't touch - I don't know who captioned this but I'm keeping it 😂


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Purely Planetonic

bro tumblr text post - Google Search

I miss Kermit The Frog memes

The paladins plus Allura and Coran as told by Spongebob memes voltron: legendary defender

Both of these are big time moods

One of my favorite things in the Star Trek universe.the creators beat the fandom to a Star Trek / Sherlock Holmes crossover.

Klance Crack & Funny Moments

I really do think it'll be named Yorak or whatever his dad's first name was

King of Hell Felix because ya'll know he'd take that throne and make himself a powerful demon. Yolo

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