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The Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect - Your memories are real When ...

17 - Some Examples of the Mandela Effect

Mandela effect!

Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon named after Nelson Mandela originally coined by Fiona Broome (a self-proclaimed paranormal researcher).

I thought it did had a memory of it because of peter pan buuut indeed there is no tinkerbell ! Welcome to the wonderfull strange world of the mandela effect ...

Mandela Effect Alert Warning All Was Foretold! False Memories? Alternate Reality!? | Alternative

It's freaking captain.

Image result for flintstones mandela effect Cern Mandela Effect, Mandela Affect, Mandela Effect Examples

mandela effect Created with Sketch.

When Time Travel Goes Pear-Shaped

Even I remember this and I never watched the show More Madela Effect ...

Mandela Effect shocking back to the future

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood More Mandela Affect ...

Kit Kat Mandela Effect

Time Travel - Real Science - Mandela Effect

10 MORE Mandela Effects that MIGHT be happening to YOU | Plus Updates # MandelaEffect -

Jif or Jiffy Peanut Butter? What do you remember?

Mandela Effect Starry Universe t-shirt

Fiona Broome will be on Coast to Coast AM, tonight

Consciousness · Spirituality

/x/ & the Mandela Effect

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know: Berenstein or Berenstain? The Mandela Effect | Stuff They Don't Want You to Know

HollywoodLife.com story headline

Mandela Effect t-shirt - memories are real

Jif peanut butter ad, 1960

New Mandela Effect the Goodwill logo

Tinnitus and Mandela Effect… a Connection? | Mandela Effect. Lately my tinnitus has

... name having the spelling "Chic-fil-A" even though according to History it's always been "Chick-fil-A". What could be causing the Mandela Effect?

Free Mandela Effect Iron-on

Mandela effect Statue of Liberty

Something STRANGE Is Happening! The Mandela Effect!!! - YouTube Madela Effect,

Mandela Effect Alternate Memories


This picture I found on Google, unfortunately there was not an image on this reddit page so I couldn't pin it without a separate photo.


Proof Of The Mandela Effect In Action, Berenstein / Berenstain Bears - YouTube

Mandela effect artifact in a board game. Interview with THE Vampire.

Countdown to Hallowe'en 2016: Disasters, Miracles and the Mandela Effect

... no longer in the lower ...

Okay, this isn't actually the Mandela Effect at all. Newer maps have inflated countries. If you were to look at an accurate map, like the bottom one on this ...

This Conspiracy Theory About Parallel Universes Will Make You Freak Out

It's Sex and the City, but many people insist they remember it being “in the” at some point. Some people have even posted ...

Proof of the Mandela effect.


Mandela Effect image


Definite Mandela Effect Change (Raisin Bran Cerial Box Sun, Now Has No Glasses) M.E. Hates Shades😊

Sinbad Genie Movie Mystery Conspiracy SOLVED! - Mandela Effect/ Berenstain Bears Effect - Whang

http://files.abovetopsecret.com/files/img/cq57b0b23e.jpg ...

This little guy, Max Loughan (13 years of age) explains his theory why the Mandela Effect happens, and why it is true in his eyes!

The Mandela Effect | THE BERENSTEIN B- IT'S BERENSTAIN! | image tagged in memes

Mandela Effect: The 'Devil's Virtual Mental Playground' And Could Be The Ultimate Mind Control Experiment

10 - Some Examples of the Mandela Effect

... Image result for MANDELA effect ...

It was the FlinTstones, I don´t care who you are - Flin is not a stone

Snow White Mirror Mirror / Magic Mirror Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect It's ...

Mandela Effect Flip Flop Cover Up??? ...

The Mandela Effect is a theory put forth by writer and "paranormal consultant" Fiona Broome that shared false memories are in fact glimpses into parallel ...

It's Sex and the City, but many people insist they remember it being “in the” at some point. Some people have even posted pictures of old memorabilia they ...

... jumps) or unintended (reality shifts and Mandela Effects), we can gain additional information with regard to better understanding what is going on."

Berenstein Bears VHS Tape famous photo

9 - Some Examples of the Mandela Effect

Internet Comment Etiquette: "The Mandela Effect"

5 - Some Examples of the Mandela Effect

... but here's a (shitty) map I just freehanded, and I think I've included the common complaints I see on here. Does this look closer to what you remember?

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According to many people, Curious George had a tail. According to History, he didn't. The main staple to to the idea is that history has somehow changed, ...

The recent exposure of this memory is what has brought the Mandela Effect further into the public view. Many people, myself included, distinctly remember ...

Left: sagittarius arm where we remember we are from. Right: Orion spur which is our position now.

11 Times The "Mandela Effect" Will Make You Question Everything You've Ever Known

Mandela Effect, Changing Everything You Thought You Knew About Everything!

/x/ - Paranormal » Thread #19698022

The X-Files are having an episode about The Mandela Effect on 24/1/18 ...

I remember it being spelt like this

... and then changed to "Froot Loops,” while others believe it went from “Froot Loops” to “Fruit Loops." Many people claim this change happened during ...

Sally Fields Mandela Effect "You Like Me, You Really Like Me" Not Anymore!!!! - YouTube

Not a Mandela effect but so much like it. This movie is called The Forgotten. On the back is the question: "What if you were told that every moment you ...

EDIT: Further analysis of a screencap found on google images: ...

A controversial and intriguing theory suggests that 'false memories' could be proof of parallel universes.


... the monopoly man with a monocle (a round glass that goes around one eye) if so then that the effect because he never had one in the first place.