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Yes that39s why it39s run by a man called Hoover Clue t

Yes that39s why it39s run by a man called Hoover Clue t


I had a heavy set person tell me i was too thin to be diabetic. I SO wanted to say "oh so your diabetic?

Blood sugar problems - man I turn super cranky when my sugars high

Type 1 Diabetes Memes

Invisible illness

I don't always talk about CrossFit Just Kidding Dos Equis man

Dear Inspiration-- I don't know whether to cry or laugh at this - I can't tell if it's killing me or it's making me stronger. Feels like this has been the ...

Type 1 Diabetes Memes. Changing one's lancet

Diabetes.. never can get enough to drink.

hahahahaha better luck next time bro

Need a Cure for

Life with Type 1 Diabetes is a rough road to travel. -- I've witnessed the challenges and difficult times my Grandson (and my Daughter, who is his sole ...


Have you ever been contacted on LinkedIn with an opportunity, job prospect, or recommendation?

Identifying Memes Yep That 39 S

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters Photos

10 stupidest things people have said to me and my responses-brett Casden

Two months of nearly no sleep, when I do it's only an hour. Endless long nights of worry and stress. Just exhausted. I forgot how much I hate job ...

Type 1 Diabetes

When you are asked how your blood sugars have been lately ... " I refuse on the grounds of , I don't want to "

this is how i feel everytime someone gives me an odd look if i eat a cookie or something sweet. And yes I know. I'm a diabetic and proud of it

"beautiful people do not just happen" ~ Elizabeth Kubler Ross. It's been a hard year and we are still facing challenges with my husbands health.

Now how did that get there????? lol So that doesn'

Yup. Been there, done that. Glad to know I'm not alone

I don't always talk about CrossFit Just Kidding Dos Equis man

Especially at the 2am checks.

Don't be sorry. It's not something I can ...

Another Sheldon Cooper funny quote

Insulin Pump quote

Diabetic problems

So true #findacure

If the answer is no, stop complaining.

Type 1 Diabetes Memes < < I don't drink diet coke or any cokes at all.

yeah, they got the wait time down from my first meter, 45 seconds (

diabetes tip #2

Diabetes Memes: Photo

Diabetes is such a PRICK!


OMG it's a carb bomb! of carb.


What is one word you would describe YOU as a Mom?

Type 1 Diabetes Memes


Type 1 Diabetes Memes


Found on facebook…

Top 20 Diabetes Questions

So many things involved with Type 1 Diabetes.

Grade free about named map

All about returning to your breath. For a Christian meditation return to your breath and

Diabetes Roundtable Inspired by Rihanna by DivaTalkRadio

Check out the best examples of the Nic Cage "You Don't Say" meme in this funny gallery!

Diabetes memes!

Imagination - this is soooo my boys - they come to me with a tower of

Yes let's refill my perscription for this lifelong, uncurable, permanent disease.

Why yes. Yes we do

the fortune cookie you Don't ...

Type 1 Diabetes Memes - for my little sister!

Download Spectra Of Graphs 2012. by Ambrose 3.4

Type 1 Diabetes Memes - sadly there's too many that don't know the difference.

Type 2 Diabetes - This info is good but doesn't address the heredity factor of diabetes. I think the "preventable" category numbers would change greatly if ...

Molly King

Type 1 Teens: A Guide to Managing Your Life with Diabetes

Diabetes humor

3 ways to naturally fight diabetes

We all lose the test kit and this is the result

Type 1 Diabetes Memes : Photo Diabetes Quotes, Lower Blood Sugar, Type One Diabetes

From sweat because ya can't move and so you don't eat everything

JDRF advocacy builds critical support among national government and healthcare decision makers for better therapies and a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Bahaha YES


OMG I wish people would do that for me!!! I feel this way

5 faces of low blood sugar

Type 1 Diabetes Memes : Photo

You what seems like an appropriate time? When my insulin has run out!

Information about diabetes, medication, diet, alternative therapies and diabetic products

Fight Like a Girl Women's Raglan Hoodie> Fight Like a Girl Ribbon Shirts> FIGHT

Sorry, we have been so missing in action this month on the blog, we just came back from a big trip to Toy Fair in New York.

Type 1 Diabetes Memes : Photo

Type 1 Diabetics are dependent on insulin. IT'S THEIR LIFE SUPPORT!

(Diabetes) hahah this is true

If having an insulin pump means being tethered to a machine... is it

What is the best medicine for treating type-2 diabetes in Florida?


Even though Bambi is sad. This is seriously one of the best quotes of the show. "You didnt cry when Bambi's mother died? Yes it was very sad when the guy ...

people don't imagine a 30 year old type 1 diabetic.

One day when I'm a mommy.

Some oral Targeted Oncology Meds can cost ...

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle does not mean giving up occasional treats; however, it does

T-Shirt | Total Diabetes Supply My patients make me proud every

Type 1 Diabetes Memes : Photo healthy eating information

People have no idea until they live it!! Compliant diabetics are strong, admirable

Type 1 Diabetes Memes

photo for type 1 diabetes memes One day. ill find a guy that doesn't care about my diabetes.

5 Reasons Your Emotions & Beliefs Matter in Diabetes

need to remember this. Thought I was strong...now Im having to

Type One -Purple | Type 1 Diabetes For you Cameron Grace. I love you

Congrats to this week's FB caption contest winner Glena Suiter