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pic by Eric in SF @ flickr.com

Stretching from what is today Ecuador and down to the southern part of modern Chile, the Inca empire (AD 1476-1534) - the largest civilization in ...

Location: Alabama Hills, Inyo County, California, USA Map Location: (via Google Maps) Photograph Copyright: Eric in [email protected] aka Eric Hunt

Eremostachys laciniata

Stocked pantry!

Berberis wilsoniae

Peconic Bay Vineyard

Quercus agrifolia

Kangaroo | © skeeze/Pixabay

Unfortunate Orchid Names: 2nd Edition

Heliconia stricta (tentative)

Sydney by Eric in SF, flickr image hosted on flickr

Hibiscus clayi

pic by Eliza Proctor

chopping veg

Kangaroo Meat at Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne | © Eric in SF / Flickr

the mystery herb

New Book (Cover): The Sirens of Titan, by Kurt Vonnegut

Stick a Fork in It.

This ...

Solanum hybrid

Erica plukenetii

Sternbergia lutea

Thysanotus tuberosus

Saccharum officinarum hybrids

After their child falls out the window and dies, He (a psychologist/therapist) wishes to help Her (getting her Masters degree in some subject having to do ...

Phallus impudicus

Fruit of Datura inoxia

"I don't know. I don't know where it goes from here," explained Justin Hughes one of the 250 White Springs Potash Corporation Employees who lost their job ...

Preparation and Flavor

Echinocereus reichenbachii subsp. reichenbachii

Eric in SF, Flickr CC by nc-nd 2.0

Passiflora caerulea

Cymbidium sinense 'Da Shun'

Lobelia excelsa

Eucalyptus haemastoma

Ephedra viridis

White and pink orchid in bloom

Leptospermum rotundifolium

... Orchid on its last leg

Begonia prismatocarpa

Rojasianthe superba

Alstroemeria psittacina

... picture showing ...

Crataegus mexicana

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The weekend at Mom's was O.K. Pretty much par for the course…if going to my mother's was a golf course and you happen to do 'just fine' whilst playing on ...

Serves 4-6

image hosted on flickr

Saccharum officinarum hybrid

The flower of Datura inoxia

[Photo from WikiMedia.org]

The Passing of Adrienne Rich

Almost adorable, this face…but if you look in the eyes…actually DON'T! Don't look into the eyes!

Image credit: bluenanta.com

Food & Drink

pic by fo.ol @ flickr.com

New Book (Cover): The Prague Cemetery, by Umberto Eco

Cry Horror!

Na ...

Oroxylum indicum

Food & Drink

I begin with a top 10. I never do top 10s. I'm not sure why I don't. I'm not sure why I don't do a lot of things…it's part of my 'shtick.

Lepanthes lucifer

... Botânicos demoraram um século e meio para perceber que a planta carnívora não come mamíferos. O cardápio é outro (crédito: Eric in SF - flickr) Clique ...

New Book (Cover): Blue Nights, By Joan Didion

Terraces at Macchu Picchu (photo by CmdrGravy)

New Book (Cover): Too Much Happiness, by Alice Munro


Frasera speciosa Frasera speciosa




pic by miss ginsu @ flickr.com


Ainda ...

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Acer circinatum in western Oregon