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Pictured are characters Ron Swanson amp Tammy2 t

Pictured are characters Ron Swanson amp Tammy2 t


Ron Swanson Quotes

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Tammy Swanson (Tammy II)

Parks and Recreation, "Ron and Tammy": Amour fou

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Ron Swanson's best friend. Best Friend Pics, Best Friends, Best Friend Bracelets,

Ron Swanson on being a father.

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Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson Ron Swanson Quotes, Ron Swanson, Parks And Recs, Ron Burgundy,

What's your favourite Ron Swanson quote?


Ron Swanson on gin and tonic Ron Swanson Quotes, Parks And Recreation, Funniest Pictures

Aubrey Plaza as April Roberta Ludgate-Dwyer in Parks and Rec

... Sometimes Ron Swanson likes to call people by the wrong name picture 2

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Parks and Recreation

Ep. 18: Animal Control: Ron Swanson's Medical History

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Ron Swanson is a woodworker in real life, a lá

Lego RON SWANSON Custom Minifigure From Parks and Recreation TV Imgur Leslie LOL

Parks and Rec Ron Swanson Stars amp; Stripes Mens Black T-Shirt S

Parks and Recreation Watch: Find Your Team and Get to Work

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Parks and Recreation (season 7) DVD coverart - Mar 2015.jpg

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Parks and Recreation Ron and Tammy

Post Malone circa 2011 ...

RON SWANSON. | rockandrolljunkie.com

A group of people stand in an office-style room in front of a table

He is

Aubrey Plaza on Possible 'Parks and Recreation' Reboot: "I'll Do Anything With Those People"


After seven wonderful seasons, Parks and Recreation has come to an end, sending Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, and the many wonderful citizens of Pawnee, ...

Shauna Newport


Ron Swanson's claymore mine was a toy filled with balloons and confetti picture1 ...

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Ron Swanson by Ryan Simmons

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500px-Swanson_Pyramid_of_Greatness Ron Swanson ...

Andy is by far one of my favorite characters in any tv series

Donna Marie Meagle

... Leslie Knope tortures Ron Swanson picture5 ...

... Ron Swanson We Didn't Start the Fire picture4 ...

Ep. 04: Leslie and Ron: Food and Stuff vs. Complete Food

Ron finally falls into the clutches of his second ex-wife, Tammy II, which turns him into a Ron Swanson fans had never seen before.

'Parks and Recreation' stars: Where are they now?


Ron Swanson loves shutting things down and bleeding the rotting beast from the inside

That noise you hear is the sound of Ron Swanson's ...


Ron Swanson was going to ask for a job in the Federal Government picture1 ...

Ep. 04: Leslie and Ron: Milquetoast Yes Man

... after being considered for the part of Grace's boyfriend Nathan that Woody Harrelson eventually played. Nick's character gets to kiss Megan's.

Ron Swanson loves that sense of pride from hard work

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Ep. 12: Farmers Market: I Don't Care

Character Spotlight: Christina Coryell's Alexis & Jake with a giveaway

Slideshow preview image. 20 PHOTOS

... Leslie Knope tortures Ron Swanson picture4 ...

A shot of a blond woman wearing a red dress, smiling into the camera.

Parks and Recreation, "The Camel": Creativity by committee

Leslie Knope tortures Ron Swanson picture1 ...

Selfie time: The star snapped a photo with the college student


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Genevieve Sheppard - Genevieve Sheppard - VOTD.tv - Recognising a talented industry.

Leah And Todd Tammy And Ron Swanson With Jeff Photobombing

Fall's Burning Question: Who Will Parks and Recreation Cast as Tammy No. 1? – TVLine | TVLine

Fit figure: Nick Offerman, 43, showed off his new slim figure (left

... Ashley Judd.

One of my favorite scenes in television. Ron Swanson goes to Scotland. | Rebrn.com



Ann Is Way Better Than Karen

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Aziz Ansari brutally roasted BAFTA's Britannia Awards while accepting a prize at the ceremony.


Photo: Donato Sardella/WireImage. “

Spurred on by Tom's creation of his brand new drink, Snake Juice, the Parks Department celebrates at the Snake Hole Lounge and gets incredibly drunk.


The NRA shared this tweet after CNN's town hall meeting Wednesday night including a GIF of

Monica Swanson

Farewell to “Parks and Recreation,” the quirky comedy that bet on its cast and won

Santa Claus


Megan Mullally ...

Bridget Pickwick-Buchanan is the 5'6” 33-year-old heroine of my new novel, Restless in Carolina. This tree huggin', animal lovin', ever grievin' widow has ...