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Um yessswon39t regret a thing Nipple piercings are just plain HOT

Um yessswon39t regret a thing Nipple piercings are just plain HOT


I want my nipples pierced so fucking bad. Body Piercings, Piercing Tattoo, Tattoos

"Daith" Piercings Are L.A.'s Most Surprising Beauty Trend

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Lip piercing, Love those Big Beautiful Eye's | lip rings | Pinterest | Lip piercing, Piercings and Tattoos

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Dentist Humor: Dr. Wagner's dental floss spider web made going to the dentist much


I'm pretty sure that this is exactly what they are saying, and it never makes me feel very good.

Yes, I can still see his tweets via an alternate account or a variety of browser settings, but I am no longer able access his Twitter ...

The ONLY stain remover you will ever need! at TidyMom.net This HOMEMADE MIRACLE CLEANER has worked on every stain from set in grease, to ye.


Ruth Wakefield is the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie. Something that has brought joy to almost every American at some point in their life.


My daughter adores Mo Willems' books Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny, Too. She speaks of Trixie and her family as her friends, and she knows the stories ...

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Transactional Christians. Not the kind of Christians who Jesus - human philosopher or Son of God - would want following him.

Off the blog reading: Father's Day Crushes Mother's Day and Re-Imagining the Author Talk in 3 Parts

I heard someone on a podcast defending this practice, explaining that Fortnite is the current social sphere of youth culture, so if you can't play well, ...

Leslie ...


These are not emergency exit signs. Just standard exit signs. And they make me anxious.

Now my house is filled with these tiny, plastic things. In fairness, most of them have been purchased by my seven year-old daughter, who diligently saves ...

Threats are stupid. Warnings about the devil will never get anyone to believe in your message. A sign like this only manages to portray yourself as angry, ...

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Kaleigh is 15 years old, so she and Owen grew into old age together. They weren't best friends but more like amicable roommates with occasional moments of ...


Beautiful blonde bride - long beach waves hairstyle

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Things are changing, however. According to InternationalForestIndustries.com, due to rapidly increasing housing starts in the United States, ...

Terror in the Trees

Outfit for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Take an old tank top and hot glue

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I love golf. Truly. And I have always enjoyed the time I have been able to spend at my friend's country clubs. I would like to be a member, but when push ...

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summary: you have always loved the thrill that comes with doing things you shouldn't ...

Happy Birthday Fourth Estate