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Yeah it39s me that Mr Strickler Trollhunters t

Yeah it39s me that Mr Strickler Trollhunters t


Barbara and Mr. Strickler

Mr. Strickler from Trollhunters by Lissie Dixon


WHEN YOUR FRIEND DOESN'T LIKE STRICKLER Hunter Kids, Httyd, Merlin, Dreamworks

muffinpines: “No offence but Strickler/his dynamic with Jim is the best part of trollhunters i love him ”

Fanart- Trollhunters by zkoyllar on DeviantArt

mr-iruka: “Finally! I finished this fan art of Stricklander. Walter Strickler is one of my favorite characters from Trollhunters (although it's more like a ...

Trollhunters — So, um, why can't Barbara and Strickler move to.

Mr. Strickler a little more formal than usual, (well ... at

Barbara and Strickler

shahs1221: Stricklake | a Walter... - Heck Yeah Trollhunters!

Strickler - by mr-iruka

mr-iruka: “ I wasn't a fan of the “Stricklake”, but after seen trollhunters like 3 times I fell in hell and now here I am, burning and suffering…

Art by “ If Strickler can have the Amulet of Daylight, then why can't Barbara have the Shadow Staff? :D ”>>>>>>Pinning this again because technically for ...

Stricklander x Barbara Lake|A Changelings' Choice|TROLLHUNTERS

Walter Strickler Genderbend version

Strickler fanart

Cthulhu, Merlin, Dreamworks, Hunters

Mr Strickler and Ms Nomura. *sigh* yes... I know that's Draal and Jim in the image.... Just s-ss-ssshut up!

Image result for trollhunters strickler

tench: Don't take on more than you can handle,... - Heck Yeah Trollhunters! | Daylight is mine to command | Pinterest | Troll, Dreamworks and Fandoms

Recap of Trollhunters Season 1 Episode 10 (S01E10) - 1. Yes ...

Walter Strickler*

Mr. Strickler*

Was also messing around with bioluminescence don't mind me :D

Stickler from Trollhunters

Don't think, become.

Recap of Trollhunters Season 1 Episode 10 (S01E10) - 2

Western Animation / Trollhunters


Strickler was Jim's teacher, now principal. In the first episode we learn he's a changeling, which means he can shift through troll and human form, .

{ap} Destiny is a Gift

Troll Hunters- Barbara and Blinky by MadJesters1 I loved when she found out, and then I wanted to shake Jim when he didn't tell her the second time.

Walter Strickler and Stricklander. Source: http://headlessstudio-blog.tumblr

Trollhunters - Heavydirtysoul

Hopefully this helps someone.

107 Trollhunters Facts You Should Know! - (107 Facts S5 E2) | ChannelFrederator - YouTube

Mr. Strickler

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream. — Stricklake | a Walter Strickler/Barbara Lake... | Stricklake Forever | Pinterest | Series movies and Projects to try

Part one

frankenstein'n'myrrh (@RedFishies) | Twitter | TrollHunters in 2018 | Pinterest | Troll, Fandoms and Dreamworks

Trollhunters: Walter Strickler ("Changling" first villain redeemed later)

A New Journey Awaits

deadlandsqueen: “I am a big fan of Lore Olympos and it's art style.

Trollhunters #trollhunters #fanart #drawing #trollhuntersfanart #netflix #dreamworks Dreamworks, Fan

Hunted ( A Trollhunters Fanfiction)

Strickler Character Design Animation, Character Design References, Character Concept, Concept Art, Character

I am no man - Trollhunters Claire AU

Was also messing around with bioluminescence don't mind me :D

heard u were lookin for some trollhunter requests:... - Heck Yeah Trollhunters!

Funko Mystery Mini Trollhunters WALTER STRICKLER TROLL Figure Rare Chase | Collectibles, Pinbacks, Bobbles

First (rough) sketch of Strickler. I can't stop drawing Blinky. from: DreamWorks' Trollhunters on Netflix Got My Eye(s) on You

Strickler: M-mr trollhunter pwease, angor rot wants to kill me ill do anything fow you mr trollhunter pwease help

I'm so excited to see Strickler and Namura fighting alongside the Trollhunters in part 3

trollhunters theories

watch out for the pies

F*ck Yeah Trollhunters!

art by suttuperday - Strickler & Barbrara Danny Phantom, Stuffing, Happy, Drawings,

People are trying to tell me it's not a 1/72...but why doesn't anyone have a credible source to confirm that.

The Themyscirian Trollhunter

TrollHunters One-Shots

Engaged - Trollhunters Fan Fiction

Me as the Trollhunter

What color do they look like right now? Ah, yes.

「Trollhunters」 - Monster - 【AMV】ᴴᴰ

Trollhunters One-Shots

𝓢trickler x 𝓑arbara ♥ Something Beautiful ♥

I know that this isn't Trollhunters buttttt this kid is my son and I love him♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~Cait💙 • #trollhunters #jimlakejr #tobydomzalski #clairenuñez ...


please accept my first offering to the Trollhunters fandom ✨

Eclipse: A TrollHunters Fanfiction

amysherrierart: “ I finally watched Trollhunters recently, and after seeing Blinky's human design, ...



Recap of Trollhunters Season 1 Episode 26 (S01E26) - 15

Bular · Mr. Strickler

My Top 8 Favorite TrollHunters Characters by Sebastiansmind ...

Trollhunters | Go Tell Aunt Rhody


These two are a awesome duo, but first let's talk about Steve the stuck up prick well I thought he was XD, I thought he was just a bully that wanted to ...


What color do they look like right now? Ah, yes.

Trollhunters Trollhunters Cast Show


Nomura The Changeling

Watching Trollhunters

My sister used a reference since she never seen the show but instead of using the style from the show, she used her own style, and omfg I love it, ...

troll hunters

Let's start this with some Trollhunters fanart!

•*Trollhunters: One-Shots*• [ON HOLD]

Jim Lake Jr x Reader •Ⓑⓔⓐⓤⓣⓘⓕⓤⓛ• (ON HOLD) - Unexpected Twist - Wattpad

-Sophia❤ • #trollhunters #jimlakejr #